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Rocky Balboa

sylvester stallone
City Life

PHOTOS: Sylvester Stallone Visits the Linc, Holds Lombardi Trophy

Two of Philly’s favorite things came together on Wednesday: Sylvester Stallone and the Eagles. First, the Rocky actor posted a video outside the Linc, where he […]

City Life

PHOTOS: Sylvester Stallone Just Stopped by the Rocky Statue

Apparently today is a great day to be a tourist in Philly. People hanging out near the Rocky Statue around noon on Friday got a […]

City Life

Relax, Rocky Fans: Sylvester Stallone Is Not Actually Dead

You might have seen posts on social media recently claiming that Sylvester Stallone had died of prostate cancer. We’re happy to tell you they’re fake: […]

rocky pet shop
City Life

The Pet Shop in “Rocky” Just Got Demolished

In Philly, we tend to destroy the buildings we treasure – such was the case with the historic Boyd Theater in Center City and such will likely be the […]

Things to Do

Rocky: An Oral History

I. The Setup IRWIN WINKLER, producer: My partner, the late Robert Chartoff, and I interviewed Sly Stallone as an actor for another picture, and he […]

Things to Do

Confession: I’m a Philadelphian and I’ve Never Seen Rocky

I know a little bit about Rocky, mostly because I grew up around here. I can even imagine scenes: Rocky (real name?) runs through the […]

Things to Do

Is There a Place for Rocky in This New City of Ours?

I’ve always thought of the first Rocky as a love triangle. Two corners belonged to Rocky and Adrian, of course, and the stolen glances and […]

Creed - Adonis Creed running
Things to Do

How Far Did Adonis Run in Creed?

I wrote an article in 2013 titled, “How Far Did Rocky Go in His Training Run in ‘Rocky II’?” Connecting the various scenes of Rocky […]

Things to Do

These Vintage Rocky Puppets Are Terrifying

I happened to stumble upon a set of Rocky and Mr. T boxing puppets that were for sale on Etsy, and, oh boy, talk about nightmare […]

Rocky runners get ready in South Philly
Be Well Philly

MGM Lawsuit Threat to Force Rocky 50K to Change Its Name

How long does a grass-roots DIY run last before it gets co-opted by The Man? Based on recent evidence, about a year. Last year, I […]

Be Well Philly

Woman Pregnant at Last Year’s Rocky 50K Names Baby Boy Rocky

People, squee with me. Last week, local runner Rebecca Schaefer, who organized the inaugural Rocky 50K Fat Ass Run last year, forwarded me the following last […]

City Life

What the British Know of Philadelphia: Rocky, Will Smith

Tom Philips, BuzzFeed UK senior writer, asked people in the company’s London office what they knew about each U.S. state. They put the results on […]