Woman Pregnant at Last Year’s Rocky 50K Names Baby Boy Rocky

Meet Rocky Asa Noon.

Meet Rocky Asa Noon.

People, squee with me.

Last week, local runner Rebecca Schaefer, who organized the inaugural Rocky 50K Fat Ass Run last year, forwarded me the following last week from a runner named Dana, who’d participated in the Rocky Run last December.


Hi Rebecca,

Last year my friends and I ran the Rocky Fatass 50K – tons of fun – was really glad you organized.  Then for the next 2 weeks I was horribly fatigued and nauseous – and it was because I apparently had an extra passenger on-board during that run.  I was about 6 weeks pregnant while doing the 50K and had no clue.

Anyway, my running buddies started calling him the Rocky baby and it stuck! Rocky Asa Noon was born August 9, 2014.  

Anyway – just wanted to say thanks again –  and to let you know that the Rocky Fat Ass 50K was what inspired us to name our boy Rocky.  I’m not sure if we’ll be back this year (he’ll still be too little to run in the jogging stroller with me), but we’ll definitely shoot to make an appearance in 2015 if the run is still on!

Hope this year’s run is as successful as last years!


To answer Dana’s implicit question, yes, the run is in fact on. The Rocky 50K Fat Ass Run will take place on December 6th. Details are here.

As for baby Rocky, if the photo above isn’t enough, check out this video from the happy parents. Congrats, Dana!

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