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Philadelphia Trainers

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6 Fit Pros Share the Philly Studios They’ve Been Supporting While at Home

During the coronavirus lockdown, most fitness instructors in the Philly area pivoted to teaching online, keeping many of their class schedules fairly busy despite the […]

Be Well Philly

15 Black Fitness and Health Pros in Philly to Follow on Instagram

As protests and riots for the Black Lives Matter movement are filling the streets of Philadelphia, one of the simplest ways to support the Black […]

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5 Philly Fitness Pros Open Up about Their Mental Health

We hear it time and time again: taking care of your mind is just as important as taking care of your body. Yet, though we […]

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Meet the Identical Triplet Brothers Taking Over Philly’s Fitness Scene

Malik, Ahmad, and Khalil Jones are all 23 years old. They’re all graduates of UPenn. They’re all Philly fitness trainers. Oh, and they’re identical triplet brothers […]

francisville group fitness
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This Francisville Personal Training Gym Is Launching Group Fitness Classes

When John Pizzigoni and Brandon Johnson launched their personal training business in September 2017, they wanted to keep it simple. Too often, they thought, people […]

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13 Philly Fitness Pros Share How They Stay Fit Outside of Class

Whenever I work out at a local boutique fitness studio, I will, at some point, glance at the instructor and wonder, “How DO they do […]

train and nourish
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A Private, Women’s-Only Gym Is Opening in East Passyunk — and We’ve Got Photos

If you’re a really, really avid Be Well reader, you might remember Jenna Fisher from her Transformation story about a year ago. In the piece, […]

women transformation
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Here’s the Advice Philly Fitness Instructors Wish They Could Give Their Younger Selves

You know all those glow-up posts going around a while back? The ones that made you remember why you tend to avoid looking at pictures of […]

best fitness instructors
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The 2 Best Fitness Instructors in Philly, According to ClassPass

Anyone who’s a group fitness junkie knows the instructor can make or break your hour of workout grind. After all, who wants to push their […]

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9 Philly Fitness Trainers to Keep an Eye on in 2019

There are tons of amazing fitness trainers in Philadelphia, but these are the movers and shakers that are changing up what fitness looks like here. […]

privatgym trainer
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This PrivatGym Trainer Food Diary Is Proof Even Fitness Pros Sneak Candy

Who I am: Hector E. Bones (@hectoreb), 32,  from East Passyunk. What I do: I’m the founder of The PrivatGym, an integrated care facility with […]

philadelphia fitness instructors t
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Daydreaming About Quitting Your Job to Become a Spin Instructor? Read This First.

I can hear Shoshana Katz shouting from the lobby of the gym. She screams a couple of words I can’t repeat here, and I eventually […]

small group training
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This New Small Group Training Gym Is Perfect for People Who Can’t Afford a Personal Trainer

You know, meeting one-on-one with a personal trainer every week would be a pretty fantastic way to make some serious strides in your fitness goals. Unfortunately, […]

alanna gardner health hero
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Meet a Health Hero Semifinalist: Alanna Gardner

» You can vote for Alanna Gardner here from September 4th through October 2nd. Name: Alanna Gardner Role: Fitness trainer, therapist at Philadelphia MFT, and spokesperson for the American Heart Association What […]

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7 Philly Trainers to Follow on Instagram for At-Home Workout Inspiration

No matter how you feel about social media, you’ve got to admit that it’s made certain information easier to access than ever (*cough* the name […]