7 Philly Trainers to Follow on Instagram for At-Home Workout Inspiration

You're going to want to bookmark all of their workout videos, ASAP.

Photograph by iStock/fizkes

No matter how you feel about social media, you’ve got to admit that it’s made certain information easier to access than ever (*cough* the name of your BFF’s ex-BF’s new GF *cough*). While there’s a lot of bad health advice floating around on Instagram, we’re big fans of the fact that trainers have taken to uploading their workouts to the platform. These easy-to-follow videos make working out from home, the road, a park — you name it — a breeze.

That said, we’re lucky to have several Philly trainers who are willing to share their sweat sessions online. Here’s a few you should give a follow for your next at-home workout.

Fabiana Ferrarini

The fitness model and instructor shares her quick, targeted workouts mostly rely on body weight or resistance bands to build strength. Need more proof these workouts can be done anywhere? Here she is working out next to a Venice canal.

Osayi Osunde

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The former-NFL-player-turned-Fit-Academy owner shares everything from his gym workouts — which us simple equipment, like a kettlebell — to his outdoor partner fitness sessions on a Philly rooftop or by the Art Museum steps.

Alana Messina

This Philly trainer and Lululemon store manager shares the workouts she does at City Fitness — though really, they could be done anywhere you’ve got some space to move. From quick HIIT circuits like this one to kettlebell exercises, her profile is a workout video destination.

Taylor Merget

Though she coaches at Cyclebar, this local fitness pro’s videos are all about strength and endurance. Using minimal equipment like step boards, weights, and medicine balls, these circuit workouts can easily be customized to your ability level — and as for space, all you really need is enough room to lay out a yoga mat.

Rachel Rubin

The Fitness with Rachel creator breaks down moves from her signature workout, Kettlebell Kundalini, on her Instagram page. Plan on discovering new ways to incorporate strength training into your yoga practice like you never have before.

Jenna Stern

The Philly spin instructor and Athleta community coordinator captions her photos with guidelines for circuit workouts you can do just about anywhere. The low-equipment workouts would be easy to do just about anywhere — for the one above, all you need is a kettlebell and some floor space.

Ruthann Francis

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This Focus Barre & Yoga instructor shares some of the barre moves you can do at home (just trade the bar for the back of a chair or couch), which will definitely have you feeling the burn. Alternatively, give her plank circuit a try — it certainly doesn’t look easy.

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