The 2 Best Fitness Instructors in Philly, According to ClassPass

Leroy Mapp and Kate DeGennaro took the top local spots in ClassPass' 2018 Instructor Awards.

best fitness instructors

ClassPass members named Kate DeGennaro, pictured here teaching an SLT class, one of the best fitness instructors in Philly. / Photograph courtesy Kate DeGennaro

Anyone who’s a group fitness junkie knows the instructor can make or break your hour of workout grind. After all, who wants to push their muscle fibers to the max in an intense spin class if the teacher isn’t even into it?

Fortunately, that’s not much of a problem in Philly. We’re absolutely biased, but we think our enthusiastic yet somehow not annoying instructors are second to none. (Get at us, NYC.) There are a few, though, that stand — or spin or crunch or box — above the rest, at least according to ClassPass’ annual Instructor Awards. The roving fitness subscription asked members in their 50-plus participating cities to nominate the best fitness instructors, and Philly’s ClassPassers have spoken: 2018’s winners are Leroy Mapp and Kate DeGennaro.

This is Mapp’s second year in a row atop the ClassPass podium, which means he must be doing something really right. Or maybe many things: Philadelphians praised his infectious energy, wisecracking personality, and on-point playlists. What does he think his secret sauce is? “It’s a mix of knowledge and personality,” says Mapp, who’s taught at Flywheel Sports, Unite Fitness, and Title Boxing Club in the past. “I’m blessed and grateful that people value my knowledge, but they also like to come to class for a reason: They want to be motivated. You’ve got to play off that and be in the moment with the class.” Mapp recently moved on from stints at Flywheel Sports Center City and Unite Fitness Rittenhouse, but you’ll be able to find his signature “JU HEARD ME!” rallying call at the first Philly location of Rumble Boxing when it opens in April. (Fingers crossed; it was supposed to open in December.)

As for DeGennaro, a Flywheel and SLT instructor, local ClassPass members find her inspiring and dedicated. We couldn’t get her on the phone because she’s surfing in Costa Rica through the end of the week (talk about badass), but she wrote in an Instagram message that she makes a huge effort to connect with her clients. “Group fitness can feel super intimidating, so it’s my job to help create comfort, even under duress,” DeGennaro writes. “At the end of every class, you feel good knowing you were seen and heard. So really, more than hands-on adjustments or motivational pep talks, I see and hear everyone who steps through my door.” We will so pedal harder for that.

Book DeGennaro’s classes on ClassPass here, here, and here or through Flywheel and SLT’s websites, and watch for Mapp once Rumble opens.

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