4 Glossy New Boxing Studios Are Opening Around Philly

Made more for gym junkies than heavyweights, these spots will keep you coming back for another round.

Boston-based EverybodyFights is coming to Market Street. Photograph courtesy of Eric Levin

For the trendsetter

Rumble Boxing
This New York-based gym might make real boxers roll their eyes: It was popularized by the likes of Kendall Jenner and has over-the-top branding. But while boxing looks cute, that doesn’t mean you won’t get in a good sweat. Expect a HIIT circuit set to a playlist that would leave any spin class jealous. Opening December 2018. 1520 Walnut Street, Rittenhouse.

For the traditionalist

Title Boxing Club
Though this Kansas-based chain claims to make the “oldest sport in the world new again,” local franchise owner Jim Walsh is determined to keep things authentic by hiring a roster of experienced boxing pros and college athletes. And while this is a boutique-y workout, don’t look for fancy showers or towel service — you’re there for the intense three-minute rounds on the heavy bags, anyway. 2101 Market Street, Center City.

For the maximalist

The name of this soon-to-open 12,000-square-foot gym says it all: There will be two full-size rings and four studio classrooms. But rather than offer just one workout class, the gym specializes in five categories — heavy bag, circuit training, treadmill running, boxing technique and recovery, each designed to train clients like real fighters. The nice thing for boxing devotees? Thanks to the generous strength-and-cardio training area, this is the only membership they’ll need. Opening January 2019. 1900 Market Street, Center City.

For the gym hopper

Stride Spin & Fitness Studio
For those with commitment issues, this Phoenixville boutique studio offers six types of workouts, including “rhythmic boxing” classes where moves are timed to the beat of the music. You can expect a full-body workout; you partner-box with mitts and take a turn on the heavy bag, all while movin’ and groovin’. 420 Schuylkill Road, suite 600, Phoenixville.

Published as “Total Knockout” in the November 2018 issue of Philadelphia magazine.