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Philadelphia accent

City Life

Help! My Kids Are Developing Philadelphia Accents

Last summer, my two small children, my late husband’s mother and I took a road trip across Utah in a 25-foot rented RV. On the […]

City Life

So Does Elmo Have a Philadelphia Accent? We Asked an Expert

Viral posts in our social feeds tend to amuse us for a moment before we comment, share, and go on scrolling. But one viral video […]

jawn origin
City Life

Some Jawn Youse Might Not Know About Jawn

So every once in a while, Philly’s peculiar linguistics bubble up into the cultural conversation. It could be when Bryce Harper wears his “Clearwooder” t-shirt. […]

youse guys
City Life

Why Youse Guys Should Start Saying Y’all

Anytime I’m talking to someone new, the question inevitably arises: “Wait — where are you from?” My apparent outsider status is given away by one […]

Philly Accent SNL
City Life

Youse Guys, James McAvoy’s Philly Accent Isn’t Half Bad

Philadelphia featured prominently in last weekend’s episode of Saturday Night Live: Meek Mill performed! James McAvoy, star of M. Night Shyamalan’s box-office-topping Glass hosted! And […]

philadelphia growth trends millennials photo
City Life

Here’s How Millennials Are Changing the Philly Accent

Sorry, wooder ice and Iggles fans: Big changes in the special Philly dialect we know and (mostly) love, noted by researchers at the University of […]

City Life

Mayor Kenney Gives Jimmy Fallon “Hewgie” Advice After SNL Delco Skit

Jimmy Fallon is getting some flak for the not-so-Philly accent he used on Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

City Life

CBS 3 Did a Report on the Word “Jawn” Last Night

The Grammy Awards were on CBS last night, but in Philadelphia the real prize was what was on the local news afterward. The station promoted […]

City Life

Here’s My Problem With Tina Fey’s Mean-Girl “Philly” Accent

Before we start, let’s get a couple important things out of the way. 1) Tina Fey is annoyingly talented and outrageously funny. There are a […]

City Life

Of Course There’s a Philadelphia Accent in American Sign Language

When local writer JoAnna Loviglio described the Philadelphia accent for the Washington Post a couple years ago, she summed it up this way: With apologies […]

City Life

Is Philly’s (or Pittsburgh’s, or Scranton’s) Accent Really So Ugly?

Today, I’m pretty proud to be from Pennsylvania. Not just because we’re now well on our way to expanding the state’s inadequate hate-crime laws (although […]

Things to Do

Nick Kroll’s Pawnsylvania Is A Melange of Bad Accents

Behold: Pawnsylvania.

City Life

Why the Philadelphia Accent Is So Fascinating

Guess what, folks? The New York Times wrote about Philadelphia again! This time, though, it wasn’t about Fishtown! I’m as shocked as you are. No, […]

City Life

Jon Stewart Responds to Hot Pockets Recall With Bad Philadelphia Accent

Jon Stewart has discovered Hot Pockets’ recall of Philly Cheese Steak-related products. Tune in at about the 2:58 mark above to get it. Is that […]

City Life

Let the Philly Accent Fade Away

Historically, Philadelphia has had a bad case of cainophobia. Whether we’re talking about building a highway or bumping up trash day, Philadelphians generally don’t react […]