Mayor Kenney Gives Jimmy Fallon “Hewgie” Advice After SNL Delco Skit

Fallon and Tina Fey went all out on the Delco accents. For Fey, it came naturally — Fallon not so much.

Jimmy Fallon is getting some flak for the not-so-Philly accent he used on Saturday Night Live over the weekend.

Fallon sat beside Tina Fey for a “Weekend Update” skit, during which the comedians played two undecided female voters from suburban Philadelphia – Clifton Heights, Delaware County, to be exact – the most “sought-after voters in the country right now,” according to co-host Colin Jost.

Fey sported a fuzzy blue Villanova vest, while Fallon wore a vintage-looking Eagles sweater over a pink turtleneck.

Both went all out on the Delco accents. For Fey, it came naturally – seeing as she’s from Upper Darby.

But Fallon struggled.

“I apologize, I’ve been on vacation so my accent …” he said halfway through the skit, after butchering several words and saying the word “hewgie” over and over again.

“Once a year she goes to Jamaica, accent’s gone,” Fey said, referring to Fallon.

Mayor Jim Kenney couldn’t get enough.

The mayor promptly followed with advice on where to get the best hoagies in Philly.

Fey, who knows what really matters to Philadelphians, took the time to roast the Mummers Parade during the skit.

“Have you ever been to that?” she asked Jost. “You should go, it’s terrible.”

Fey compared Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump‘s recent comments about women – you know the ones – to the antics of Philly’s notorious Mummers, agreeing with Jost that Trump is like a “drunk clown on the street.”

“Men are always gonna be grewse,” Fallon chimed in.

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