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Our City Chose Illegal Parking Over Its Vibrant Dining Scene

I love Philadelphia, I love Philadelphia restaurants, I love the people who operate them and work in them. I always have. For 25 years, I’ve […]

snow days
City Life

2020 Even Ruined Snow Days. Great.

It’s the winter of 1964. I’m eight years old, in the second grade, living with my parents and three siblings in Glenside, a sleepy Montco […]

City Life

White Democrats, It’s Time for You to Get Your People to Vote

As the Democratic National Convention finally takes off, Black voters are infighting more than ever. Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s pick of California Senator Kamala […]

City Life

Yes, Defund the Police, But Here Are More Ways to Abolish Cop Culture

At this point, “defund the police” has become a household term as conversations about fighting against racial injustice have advanced. The details and meanings of […]

City Life

How a Willow Grove Business Made Trump Look Very Smart About Immigration

“We accept responsibility for the charges as outlined, and we apologize to our customers, associates and all other stakeholders for what has occurred.” Those words […]

City Life

Dear Philly: Stop Patting Yourself On the Back for the Octavius Catto Statue

In case you missed it, the Octavius Catto statue was finally unveiled at City Hall on Tuesday. There were lots of Very Important People. There […]

Sodas for sale in a refrigerated case
City Life

Stop Using the Poor to Justify Your Hatred of the Soda Tax

For reasons that I’ll get into later in this column, I don’t eat a lot of pie. But over the Fourth of July weekend, I […]

Be Well Philly

Dear Fitness Studios: You’re Doing Too Much

For some folks, the 60 or so minutes spent in a workout is the sole hour of the day that is completely theirs — free of technology […]

City Life

OPINION: It’s Time to Ban “No Fats, No Fems”

I couldn’t help but find myself annoyed this week to find out that a term I thought was going to fade out eventually just went […]

City Life

What Everyone Is Avoiding Saying About Hillary Clinton’s Email Scandal

Like everybody else, I’ve been reading way too much about Hillary Clinton’s emails. I’ve read that her use of a private in-house server violated federal […]

City Life

Dear Le Bok Fin Haters: Quit Your Whining

Did you hear about the latest scourge of Philadelphia? No, it’s not the violence in the streets or the corruption and incompetence in public office […]

City Life

How Did I Go This Long Without UberX in My Life?

As is the case with most things that involve my phone, I was late to the UberX game. It’s not that I didn’t have a […]

City Life

Here’s What’s Missing From the #BlackLivesMatter Discussion

There are missing pieces in the coverage of Black Lives Matter. Yes, putting an end to abuse of force by the police is a primary […]

City Life

How Did Dîner en Blanc Become Philadelphia’s Most Polarizing Event?

It’s not that I hate Diner en Blanc. It’s more that I really, really hate Diner en Blanc. That is, if Diner en Blanc actually exists. […]

City Life

The 10 Worst Tourist Traps in Philadelphia, Ranked

So, you’re planning a trip to Philadelphia to see the pope, or for a convention, or for the Dalai Lama, or to attend the DNC, […]