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City Life

Is Stripper Registry Bill a Trojan Horse Meant to Shut Down Nudie Bars?

I don’t like strip clubs. The first time I went to a nudie bar, I felt like I was watching pornography with a room full […]

City Life

Why Are You Walking Barefoot Around Center City?

It was 11 a.m. on a Friday at 15th and Locust when I saw it: a man, in nice khakis and a polo, holding his […]

Be Well Philly

Why You Won’t Find Me in a Yoga Class

I’m no stranger to doing things that make me uncomfortable. When I first began dabbling in CrossFit last year, I worried about walking into a […]

Be Well Philly

Expert Opinion: The Most Important Ingredients for Lasting Weight Loss

In my work as a weight-loss expert, people often ask me which diet plan is the best. They’re usually surprised when I don’t have an answer. I […]

Be Well Philly

OPINION: Put. The Phone. Down.

Editor’s note: Green Philly Blog co-founder and editor Julie Hancher has a message for you. In her words, “Put down the damn phone.” Inspired by my […]

Be Well Philly

Celiac Foundation President: Stop Calling It the Gluten-Free ‘Diet’

President of the Philly-based National Foundation for Celiac Awareness and former Be Well Philly Health Hero Challenge semifinalist, Alice Bast, wrote a really interesting piece […]

Be Well Philly

This Philly Trainer Says You’re Working Out All Wrong

Imagine that you’re buying a house. You find one that’s in your price range, has a big yard, good kitchen, sweet roof deck and garage, but […]

Be Well Philly

The Case for Why You Should Weigh Yourself Every Day

I used to tell my personal training clients that they shouldn’t step on the scale. I knew that it could be an emotional experience for […]

Be Well Philly

Confession: I Ditched Vegetarianism for a Pat’s Cheesesteak

Plate after plate of potato salad makes everyone uncomfortable. I know, because I’m pitied at cookouts. Thanksgivings are worse: touching the turkey like tainted goods, […]


No Thanks, I Don’t Want My Face Waxed and Other Tales of Beauty Shaming

Over the last year, there’s been a lot of talk about shaming. (In fact, Jezebel called 2013 “The Year of Shaming.”) Fat-shaming, slut-shaming: It seems like […]

City Life

Hey, Miley, Stop Trying to Speak for the Gays

Miley “Cultural Appropriation” Cyrus is at it again. The Huffington Post reported on a recent TMZ video of Cyrus at a concert in London, where […]

City Life

Grantland’s Triple Bogey: How Grantland Botched More Than Trans Politics in the Dr. V Controversy

FOR THOSE OF you not familiar with the Grantland Dr. V controversy, here’s a brief recap: Caleb Hannan, a journalist writing for the sports and pop […]

Be Well Philly

Expert Opinion: Inactivity Is a “Hidden Bomb” Aimed at Our Kids

Editor’s note from Emily Leaman: Last week, I came across this post from Jefferson pediatrician Gary Emmett and thought it an interesting—and alarming—read about the dire […]

Be Well Philly

“Curves Are Getting on My Nerves”: The Fat-Versus-Curvy Debate

Our 2013 Health Hero Leslie Marant, who’s a Philadelphia coach for Black Girls Run, has an interesting post today over on BGR’s website. It’s about […]

Be Well Philly

New Year’s Resolution: Quit Smoking … to Get a Job?

Last year, several hospitals in Pennsylvania began testing incoming employment candidates for nicotine, in addition to routine drug and alcohol screening. Apparently, if a candidate has been given […]