OPINION: Put. The Phone. Down.



Editor’s note: Green Philly Blog co-founder and editor Julie Hancher has a message for you. In her words, “Put down the damn phone.” Inspired by my intentional two-week vacation from email, she decided to challenge herself (and others) to break their smartphone addiction—both because constantly checking your phone is really tacky when, say, you’re out to happy hour, but also because it’s not good for your brain to be multitasking quite so much. Check out her rant post below. 

When did going out socially turn into isolation?

Have you been out lately and looked around? Maybe thought, “OMG, everyone is on their goddamned phones.”

I’m not being sadistic. I’m talking about the inability of anyone to communicate without a damn phone in their hand. And not just online – I mean, like always being preoccupied with someone else. Or somewhere else. Or someone else’s lives on Facebook, Instagram or email.

Statistically, Americans are using their iPhones more than ever.  It’s not just an observation walking around… uh… anywhere. In January, more Americans accessed the internet from tablets and smartphones rather than their good ol’ computers.


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE you iPhone. I remember patiently waiting with my simple text and “call” phone until Apple allowed Verizon customers for the privilege to own one. (That was a thing.)

Plus, you’re amazing! You’re with me everyday. I can push your button and hear Siri’s sassy responses about who won the Penn State game yesterday, track my city runs, plan my outfit for the weather, tweet, text and even score a date with a few taps. (I’ll save the question of dating gamification for another day, however.)

I couldn’t quit you if I wanted to. My job is in Social Media, so I help companies Facebook, Tweet, Pin, Insta and Link in. A lot. Plus, I can blog from you, too. And I’ll come clean: I can’t keep my hands off of you. In the process of writing this blog post, I’ve sent 6 texts and a snapchat. It’s insane that most of my life can be run from tapping your smooth screen.

But I do try to keep you hidden when out with friends. I’ll admit it – you may even be on the table sometimes when I’m out, too. I’m not totally innocent. But, I spend so much time with you that I occasionally need a break. Sorry, I just can’t date you like Joaquin Phoenix did.

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