“Curves Are Getting on My Nerves”: The Fat-Versus-Curvy Debate



Our 2013 Health Hero Leslie Marant, who’s a Philadelphia coach for Black Girls Run, has an interesting post today over on BGR’s website. It’s about the debate (myth?) of couching unhealthy fat as desirable “curves,” something she calls “a crazy cultural shift to accepting poor health (which includes more than being overweight) as long as it’s stylish and sexy.”

Here’s an excerpt:

“Curves” is too often used as a self-esteem booster for people carrying too much fat in dangerous places. Yeah I said it. Fat. Fat stuffed into tight attire, breasts spilling out in advertisement, booty squeezed like a vice grip, all crowned with to-die-for hair, primped and pampered hands and feet, a four figure purse, and shoes which inspire drool. Or fat covered in shapeless shifts to hide it. “Curves” is sometimes the defense mechanism word, the protective shield.

But when did we begin playing Jeddhi [sic] mind tricks on ourselves and substituting words like “curves” for obesity? And HOLD UP before you jump down my throat, or try. I don’t advocate “thin” or “skinny”. I’m 100% about that healthy and fit life and applaud it in every shape and size. The cultural acceptance of stylish, broken bodies is creating harmful legacies and is resulting in worsening health statistics in our community. We’re functioning poorly and passing it to our kids.

Read the full post over on Black Girls Run.