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newtown square colonial farmhouse for sale exterior perspective

On the Market: 18th-Century Horse Farm in Newtown Square

Have you longed to live the Radnor Hunt country lifestyle as it was meant to be lived? Your opportunity is knocking now. Better answer the […]

house for sale newtown square contemporary exterior front

Just Listed: Renovated Contemporary in Newtown Square

Some of you out there might be old enough to remember a late-1960s sitcom called “Green Acres” in which a New York sophisticate wife follows […]

house for sale newtown square remixed barn exterior rear

Just Listed: Open-Plan House in Newtown Square

“What, were you raised in a barn?” “Yes.” If you decide to make this most original house for sale in Newtown Square your home, your […]

house for sale newtown square accessible neotraditional exterior front

Just Listed: Accessible Neotraditional in Newtown Square

One of the reasons “one-floor living” is growing in popularity is because aging Baby Boomers like your section editor are finding it harder to climb […]

house for sale newtown square horse farm main house exterior

On the Market: The Most Expensive House for Sale in Chester County Right Now

Does the sound of French horns and baying hounds send shivers up and down your spine? Did you watch movies like “National Velvet” when you […]


A Pleasure Palace in Newtown Square for $825K

We think that this sprawling year-round retreat in Newtown Square began life in 1957 (the date given on the listing) as an unassuming ranch house. […]


A New Town Rises at Newtown Square

Oldtimers still speak of Newtown Square as the bucolic country crossroads it once was. That Newtown Square, we regret to inform you, has long since […]


A Wacky Cereal and Ice Cream Bar Just Opened in Newtown Square

Poutine spot Shoo Fry closed its flagship location in Rittenhouse just over a month ago, but owners Matt and Rachel Baiada already have a new project […]


Jawdropper of the Week: A Personal Resort in Newtown Square for $3.5M

Are we on the Amalfi coast, or did we make a wrong turn and wind up in Scottsdale, Arizona? No, and no. Instead, we just […]


Country Charm in Newtown Square for $575K

George Washington’s lawyer slept near here. Okay, now that we’ve gotten such actual history as we know about this cute farmhouse-style home out of the […]


Jawdropper of the Week: A Lot to Love in Newtown Square for $5.95M

We don’t normally use listings from the same town for consecutive weeks’ jawdroppers, but when it’s deserved, we are more than willing to make an […]


Jawdropper of the Week: Simple Elegance in Newtown Square for $2.499M

Situated at the end of a cul-de-sac in the just-off-the-Main Line neighborhood of Newtown Square is this beautiful four-year-old residence – the definition of a […]


Farmhouse Friday: A Stone Gorgeous Find in Newtown Square

Looking to fulfill your fantasy of living the life of a country gentleman (or woman) in the middle of Radnor Hunt country? We’ve found just […]


Farmhouse Friday: Room for Everyone and Everything in Newtown Square

Ever wanted to run your own bed-and-breakfast inn? A historic property that’s ideally suited for that and many other purposes is on the market in […]

Be Well Philly

The 5K of Every Beer Lover’s Dreams Is Coming to Newtown Square This Fall

While a well-deserved beer can be the perfect way to cap off a hard run, the folks at Newtown Square Neighbors feel you deserve better. […]