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Germophobes, Rejoice! Jefferson Offers Skype-Like Service for Doc Appointments

A waiting room chair in a doctor’s office during flu season has got to be at the very the top of the Grossest Things on […]

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Free Flu Shots for Philadelphia Residents

If you’ve yet to get a flu shot this year, consider this your official reminder. And if you’re a Philadelphia resident, you have officially run […]

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71 Pennsylvanians Killed by Flu So Far This Season

Seventy-one Pennsylvanians have been killed by the flu since late September. The Pennsylvania Department of Health tracks influenza during flu season and updates totals every […]

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Parking Kiosks, ATMs, Restaurant Menus: These Are Philly’s Germiest Things

Action News health reporter Ali Gorman had a winner of an assignment this week. She was tasked with going out and swabbing surfaces around town […]

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Stop Spitting on the Sidewalk, You Disgusting Pig

The other day after work, I was waiting for the garage attendant to bring down my car. I was standing alongside a well-dressed, dapper-looking man […]

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This Scarf Is Designed to Help You Fend Off Cold Germs

If a surgical face mask doesn’t quite make the fashion statement you’re hoping for, but you still want an effective physical barrier to protect yourself against […]

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POLL: Would You Volunteer to Get the Flu If You Were Paid $3K?

Ah, the age-old question: What would you do to turn a quick buck?

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Forecasts Say This, Right Now, Is the Peak of Flu Season in Philly

Yikes, Philadelphia! You might want to consider donning a face-mask before hopping on SEPTA: The folks over at Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health […]

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Pennsylvania Experiencing Widespread Flu Outbreak

We are in the middle of one of the worst flu outbreaks in recent history and it just keeps getting worse. Last year was the […]

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Noooo! Antibacterial Soap Is No Better than Regular Soap in Germ War, FDA Says

So I just learned that even though I’ve been drying out my hands with antibacterial soap for years now, it’s been doing absolutely nothing for […]


Free Flu Shots for Restaurant Workers

The Restaurant Opportunities Center is joining up with Thomas Jefferson University to provide free flu shots to restaurant workers. The vaccinations will take place on […]