The Checkup: You Can Now Brew Cold Medicine in Your Keurig

And more healthy reads to have on your radar.

• Uhhhhhh, here’s an invention we didn’t think would ever exist: CVS now sells cold medicine K-Cups for Keurigs. The acetaminophen and nasal decongestent-packed cups are designed to brew like tea, with hints of flavors like lemon, honey and white tea. It’s a step up from swigging back cherry-flavored Nyquil, I guess. [Women’s Health]

• One place you probably shouldn’t be getting your protein from: Cheerios Protein. Turns out, the cereal only really boasts one more gram of protein per serving than regular ol’ Cheerios — but somehow contains 17 times more sugar. [Well + Good]

• Here, tips to help you set your mind up for success — because we could all use a little midweek work motivation, am I right? Hint: Ego is the evil of all evils. [Outside]

• To make you feel just a tad bit more Olympian: A super-flattering pair of leggings, made in the same factories that provide Olympians their gear. [The Cut]

• Doing speedwork and the going to the dentist are one in the same: You don’t want to do them, but you really should just do to do them already. [Runner’s World]

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