The Checkup: WTF Is ASMR? (And Do You Experience It?) 

And more health-related headlines to start your day.

• Around a year ago, one of my friends tried to explain the feeling of ASMR — which has spawned tons of ASMR YouTube videos (Google it, I dare you) — to me and I just could NOT understand what she was talking about. At all. Here, an ASMR researcher breaks it down: “ASMR is a deeply relaxing and comforting feeling, usually accompanied by tingling sensations in the head,” usually caused by some sort of trigger, which can range from a soft whisper to seeing someone paint skillfully. Clearly, I’m not one of the lucky ones in the ASMR-experiencing camp, but if you’ve been looking for a way to identify this soothing feeling, there you have it! Now, to figure out what triggers you — I’m sure there’s a YouTube video to suit your needs. [Refinery29]

• Ick: A new study found that your precious reusable water bottle could have around 300,000 colony-forming units of bacteria per square centimeter. That’s 300 times the number on the average used pet toy. I repeat: ICK. [Huffington Post]

• Because it’s flu season: How to decode what your snot is trying to tell you. [Science of Us]

Peeing yourself while running: normal orrrr not so much? [Women’s Health]

• This new women’s wellness club in LA features a vaginopractor. Yes, as in a chiropractor for your misaligned lady parts. [Well + Good]

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