Germophobes, Rejoice! Jefferson Offers Skype-Like Service for Doc Appointments

A waiting room chair in a doctor’s office during flu season has got to be at the very the top of the Grossest Things on Planet Earth list. Think about it: It’s just a place for one flu-infected person after another to sit, occasionally dripping snot onto the cushion, while waiting to see a doctor. (My apologies for ruining waiting room chairs for you if you didn’t cringe when you settled into one already.)

But praise the heavens, you may never have to sit in a waiting room chair during flu season again. Our friends over at Wee Wander just clued us in on a sweet service offered by Jefferson Health System that allows you to skip the whole waiting room thing and see a doctor from the comfort of your own bed. The folks over at Wee Wander tried the service, and their conclusion was, essentially: “Busy parents, rejoice!” Not having to drag your sick self and your toddler into the doctor’s office you’re not feeling good is quite the blessing. But we say germophobes should go ahead and squeal, too.

Here’s the deal: The service, called JeffConnect, gives anyone — whether you’re a regular Jefferson patient or not — the chance to schedule a video appointment with a Jefferson doctor, where they can reliably diagnose and treat everything from the flu to UTIs to sore throats. You can choose a doc by name and department or just ask to speak to any physician who’s available. A video appointment will run you $49 (your insurance may cover it). And if they virtually examine you and think you actually do need to see a doctor, you know, in real life, they’ll tell you to go to the ER. But if not, you’ll get everything you’d get out of a doctor’s appointment without having to sit in a chair that 100 percent has someone else’s snot on it somewhere. Can we get an amen to that?

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