This Scarf Is Designed to Help You Fend Off Cold Germs



If a surgical face mask doesn’t quite make the fashion statement you’re hoping for, but you still want an effective physical barrier to protect yourself against cold and flu germs, there’s this: stylish scarves fitted with high-tech filters to prevent germs from reaching your mouth.

The Brooklyn-based company that makes them is called Scough (Ha. Right?). The scarves look like your run-of-the-mill neck scarves—in cute patterns, of course—but they have a built-in pocket to insert a filter. Said filter is made of activated carbon laced with silver ion: The former substance filters purifies air before you breathe it, while the latter actually kills the germs by disrupting their cell membranes, according to the company’s website.

And the filters are a two-way street: In addition to keeping others’ germs out, it keeps yours in so you don’t get anyone else sick. “We’re marketing it first as, ‘Protect yourself and stay healthy,'” Scough cofounder Ari Klaristenfeld told The Atlantic’s City Lab blog. “And then kind of sliding in the courtesy aspect: ‘Don’t get other people sick.'”

The makers also note that the scarves would be useful for cyclists wanting to cut down on the amount of exhaust they breathe in while riding alongside cars. The scarves are $49 and $69, depending on which fabric you choose. Check out the full line of products here.

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