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City Life

Doctor Says Viral Facebook Post About Hit-and-Run Accident Ruined His Life

Where would we be without Facebook? You’d have to remember your dad’s birthday on your own. You’d have to actually watch the Grammys if you […]

Evelyne Axell’s Ice Cream - painting - 940 px
City Life

Art Museum Painting Removed from Facebook for “Suggestive Content”

The Philadelphia Museum of Art’s International Pop exhibition starts on February 24th. To promote it, an Art Museum staffer posted the image above — Belgian artist Evelyne […]

Be Well Philly

Mark Zuckerberg Creates Global Facebook Running Group

Yesterday, like many other normal humans out there trying to commit to a New Year’s resolution, Mark Zuckerberg posted one of his to Facebook. Unlike […]


Comcast Explains Epic Facebook Fail

Comcast tried to smack talk one of its competitors on social media, but it backfired in a big way. On its Xfinity Facebook page, Comcast took […]

Things to Do

STUDY: “LOL” is Becoming Extinct

We all express laughter in different ways online. I never caught on to the “LOL” bandwagon, because, well, it never really made sense to me. […]


Market Report: What Happens When You Buy Super-Cheap Jeans

Shelling out more money for a pair of jeans is actually worth it. Not only does ultra-cheap denim (I’m talking pairs in the $20 to $50 range) tear […]

City Life

Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Doctored Rainbow Picture Causes Big Confusion

Let’s get this out of the way: It’s fake. The picture of rainbow banners draped from the Philadelphia Museum of Art to celebrate the Supreme Court’s […]


BizFeed: Bank Plans Philly Layoffs; Google, Facebook Test Payment Systems

1. Big Bank Plans Philly Layoffs The News: Wells Fargo is laying off 89 people in Philadelphia in July. The layoffs affect the bank’s legal order […]

Be Well Philly

The Checkup: 6 Foods to Eat Now for a Flat Stomach Later

• There are a number of reasons you might’ve rolled out of bed feeling bloated: a sodium-heavy sushi dinner last night, PMS, or your gut bacteria being […]

City Life

Crayola Apologizes for “Offensive Posts” After Facebook Hack

Pennsylvania-based art supply company Crayola is likely reviewing its social media security policies on Monday after a weekend hack left its official Facebook page flooded […]


CB West Counselor Won’t Be Charged for Facebook Post

BREAKING: Montco DA says no criminal charges will be filed vs. CB West guidance counselor MaryKate Blankenburg for Facebook threat. — MichaelAlanGoldberg (@mg_thereporter) December 24, […]

City Life

Facebook and “Friends” in the Wake of Ferguson

As a 29-year-old woman, this is how my Facebook feed tends to look: baby picture, wedding picture, baby-at-a-wedding picture, Supernatural spoiler (that last one might be […]

City Life

Facebook Trying to Civilize Young People; Young People Resist

It’s no surprise to anyone who’s ever had one that kids are mean. Really mean. Unspeakably mean. They’re enormously invested in social status, and the […]

City Life

Rutgers Fans Wear “Ped State” T-Shirts to Penn State Football Game

Someone in the Rutgers University social media department is probably getting a good talking-to this morning. Over the weekend, on the occasion of the Penn […]

City Life

Local Trans Man’s Identity Stolen In Prosthetic Penis Scam

When Philadelphia artist Jaden Remy joined the private Facebook group “All Transmen Know Each Other,” he expected to find support and allies in the 1,000-plus members. […]