The Checkup: 6 Foods to Eat Now for a Flat Stomach Later

And more healthy reads for your Friday.



• There are a number of reasons you might’ve rolled out of bed feeling bloated: a sodium-heavy sushi dinner last night, PMS, or your gut bacteria being out of whack, just to name a few. Not to worry though! You can work on flattening your belly fast by eating these six de-bloating foods now. [Huffington Post]

• You might not have time for a three-day getaway this weekend, but what you do have time for is a microadventure or two — and you might be happier if you go on one. [Outside Magazine]

• Who needs the gym when you’ve got these? The six Pilates moves that will totally transform your whole body, right this way. [Well + Good]

• Just one more reason to step away from your computer (and phone and tablet) for a digital detox this weekend: A new study found the more time people spent on Facebook, the more depressed they were. Because other people’s vacation photos, duh. [Science of Us]

• Headed out for a long run this weekend? Make sure to do these moves at the end to avoid shin splints. [POPSUGAR Fitness]

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