Facebook Taps Curalate As An Industry Leader

The visual commerce platform has become a "Facebook Marketing Partner."

Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate speaks at a conference in London. Photo via Instagram.

Apu Gupta, CEO of Curalate, speaks at a conference in London. | Photo via Instagram

Curalate recently announced that it has been chosen as a “Facebook Marketing Partner.” Marketing Partners are a select group of companies chosen by Facebook for being the most helpful to brands that use social media platforms as the focus of their marketing strategy.

“After sharing numerous success stories that demonstrate how Curalate can improve the marketing performance of brands working with Facebook, we were invited to become part of a very select group,” company CEO and co-founder Apu Gupta told Philadelphia magazine.

As a Marketing Partner, Curalate will now be at the forefront of options available to tech companies for curating and distributing content to Facebook users.

“For us, this is about visibility — both internally at Facebook and externally with the brands we partner with,” said Gupta.

Internally, the company will be able to improve its understanding of what is “top of mind” at Facebook, giving them the opportunity to align their platform with the objectives of clients and the channels they market on, Gupta said. And externally, Gupta said that brands, when vetting who they can partner with, will understand that Curalate is “best-of-breed.”

This announcement comes nearly a year after Curalate announced its selection as an Instagram partner in November 2015.

“We’re building a world-class tech company right here in Philly,” said Gupta.

“For the largest social network on the planet to acknowledge our capabilities in this way demonstrates that we’re building something truly special.”