Comcast Explains Epic Facebook Fail

Talking smack about Google Fiber didn't work out as planned.

(Gil C / Shutterstock)

(Gil C / Shutterstock)

Comcast tried to smack talk one of its competitors on social media, but it backfired in a big way. On its Xfinity Facebook page, Comcast took a jab at Google Fiber for losing service in Kansas City while many were watching the Royals in the World Series.

The company targeted this photo and comment to customers in the Kansas City region:

I bet you can guess what happened next. Commenters started bashing Comcast about what they feel is shoddy service and weak customer-support. It wasn’t pretty:

Although Comcast’s social media team offered every complaining commenter a chance for help, the story still gained national attention from news outlets like Fortune, BGR (featured on Yahoo!) and FiecreCable — and provides even more evidence that many subscribers remain unhappy with the company’s customer service.

A Comcast spokesperson told me on Tuesday that the Xfinity post was removed once management became aware of the problem.

“The posts were placed as part of a marketing campaign in a local market against Google Fiber, one of our competitors. Delivering 24/7 service is a complicated business and unfortunate events like outages can happen to anyone, so we removed the posts when we were made aware of them.”

But that was after others complained about new data caps and fees for Internet usage.

Meanwhile, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts offered his take on the company’s efforts to improve its customer-service at Fortune’s Global Forum in San Francisco.

“We’ve been making steady improvements,” he said, according to this Forbes article. “You’ve got to show up on time and it has to be reliable.” He also talked about the new process of automatically crediting customers if a technician shows up late. “We’re improving dramatically, but we can always do better.”

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