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City Life

Facebook Debuts Adorable Gay Pride Stickers

If you’re a fan of Facebook stickers — and who isn’t? — get ready to lose your mind over these 20 special LGBT stickies released […]

City Life

Exposed: Philly’s Big Banana Peel Problem

“When I’m walking with friends, they tell me it’s a little awkward for them,” says Frank Danay. “They’re the ones standing next to the guy […]

City Life

Brian Sims Teaming With Facebook for “Open Dialogue” Series

On Friday, Philly State Representative Brian Sims will be a guest at the Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, Cali., where he will take part in […]

City Life

Facebook Becomes More Trans-Inclusive By Letting Users Customize Gender and Pronouns

The Facebook Diversity program just announced that Facebook will now allow users to enter a custom gender for their profiles, and it even goes a […]

City Life

The Scariest Storm Prediction Images on Facebook

For many of you planning to turn President’s Day weekend into a quick get-away from this winter o’ cold ’n’ doom ’n’ horrors, the impending […]

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This is What People Dislike About Facebook

In honor of Facebook’s 10th anniversary tomorrow, Pew Research just released an interesting study revealing how people use the social-media monster. Here are some fun […]

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How I Resolved to Quit Facebook and Rediscovered the World

One of my resolutions for 2014 (besides the annual “This year, I will quit smoking, drink tons of water and actually attend the spinning classes […]

City Life

Meet the Part-Time Philadelphian Who Used Facebook to Make America Pay Attention to the Minimum Wage

The minimum wage was last raised in 2009, when it reached its current level of $6.25 an hour under legislation approved in 2007.* Had it […]

City Life

The Upper Darby Police Facebook Page Has Won the Internet

Over the weekend, Philadelphia comic great Chip Chantry sent me a link for the Upper Darby Police Facebook page. Being that the link was coming […]

City Life

No, the Cops Aren’t Banning Protesters From Facebook

It should come as no surprise that police departments monitor social media. After all, as a speaker revealed during a panel at last week’s International […]

City Life

UPDATE: City Paper Is Out of Twitter Jail

UPDATE: After more than 24 hours on some sort of Twitter spam list, the City Paper‘s Twitter operations are now back to normal. It looks […]

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City Life

I Don’t Hate Publicists

As I sit here writing this article, I am currently blocked from posting anything to Facebook, commenting on anything on Facebook, or even liking anything […]

City Life

7 Reasons Middle-Aged Women Need to Get Off Facebook

Women make up 64 percent of Facebook’s more than 500 million members, half of whom are reported to log into their account daily. Although the […]

City Life

Obamacare’s Tech Problems Can Be Solved

It’s been a bad couple of weeks for computer glitches. Yesterday morning, President Obama publicly apologized in the Rose Garden for the frozen screens and […]

City Life

Facebook: Still Not Evil Enough to Drop

OK, let me add my own resounding yes to the cacophony of outrage over the injustice of the recent Facebook privacy settlement. YES! It is […]