The Scariest Storm Prediction Images on Facebook

We spent last night freaking out in front of the computer. Has Facebook become the best source for local weather news?

Storm Snow arrival times via

Storm Snow arrival times via

For many of you planning to turn President’s Day weekend into a quick get-away from this winter o’ cold ’n’ doom ’n’ horrors, the impending nor’easter has likely thrown a big clunky wrench into your travel plans. 

While on hold last night trying to swap a Thursday morning flight for a Friday departure, a scroll through my Facebook feed filled me with abject dread. We’ve all had our share of terrifying (and vaguely/not-vaguely phallic) storm front imagery this winter, but there’s something about this latest batch of storm prediction shots that’s especially terrifying (and not-vaguely phallic).

However, in all seriousness, this also raises the very interesting question — in this, the golden age of TV news weather hysteria — regarding the rise of social media as a trusted source for weather news.  As the National Weather Service’s James Bunker told Joel Mathis yesterday when asked how to best prepare for this storm, “You can check our Facebook page.”

The Facebook presences of AccuWeather.comUS National Weather Service Eastern Region HQ,  Severe NJ WeatherUS National Weather Service Philadelphia/Mount HollyJersey Shore Hurricane News and WeatherBELL Analytics LLC among others, I’m sure, have all become go-to sources for deep weather model geekery. What are your go-to sources? Who do you trust?

The best of the bunch are below. Please share your own favorites in the comments.

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