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City Life

Facebook Says “Kill George Zimmerman” Page Doesn’t Violate Policy

Facebook has pretty much gone nuts since the announcement of Saturday’s not-guilty verdict in the Florida case of George Zimmerman, who shot and killed Trayvon […]

City Life

Now My Relationship With Facebook Is Complicated

For as long I’ve been on Facebook — since 2007, it turns out — I’ve had the same two words appended to what Facebook calls […]

City Life

Why We Love Drunken Facebook Pics, Online Reviews and Gangnam Style

Congratulations! Your new book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On, is really catching on. Thanks. The Today Show just called and wants me for an interview. […]

City Life

Winklevoss Twins Pouring Millions Into Bitcoin, Just as It’s Crashing

The Winklevoss twins are back! (You may know them as Tyler and Cameron. Or just the Winklevii.) And this time they’re not just peddling some […]


Property’s Morning Obsession: If Facebook Built a House, Here’s What It Would Look Like

How irritating is the ever-shifting architecture of Facebook? The timeline, the newsfeed, the general way the house is built. But what if Facebook–instead of debuting […]

City Life

Facebook Overhauling Your News Feed Again

At a dramatic unveiling in Silicon Valley today, Newark Public Schools activist Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that the Facebook news feed is getting an […]

City Life

Haverford Grad Says “Old Images of Philadelphia” Stole His Photos

If you live in Philadelphia and have a Facebook account, you’ve probably been exposed to Old Images of Philadelphia, the Facebook page featuring, well, old […]

City Life

City Council Wants to Protect Your Facebook Party Pics

Councilman Bill Greenlee, whom we can’t imagine is a big social media guy (he averages about a tweet per month), is fighting to protect you […]

City Life

Chuck Peruto Will Unfriend You if You Crack Pope Jokes

Only 34 tweets into his papacy, Pope Benedict XVI has announced his resignation (although it’s worth noting that he did not make the announcement on […]

City Life

Monopoly Makes Grave Error, Adds Cat Piece to Game

After an intense period of Facebook voting, the people have chosen. And they’ve chosen terribly. Monopoly, for the first time ever, decided to let the […]

City Life

The Internet Loved, Hated Beyonce’s Super Bowl Halftime Show

If you weren’t watching Downton Abbey last night, chances are you were one of the 110 million people who tuned in to watch Super Bowl […]

City Life

The Inky Should Consider Hiring Awful Columnists

Last weekend saw the publication of one of the worst story leads in the history of newspaper journalism. In a column for the Toronto Star, […]

City Life

Share This: Old Images of Philadelphia on Facebook

There is a place on Facebook—beyond the endless photos of newborn babies and your annoying friend from high school who updates her status exclusively in […]

City Life

Terry Gross: The Queen of “Like”

The first time I heard my father say it, I was seven years old. We were waiting for an elevator in New York, where we […]

City Life

7 Predictions About the Twitter vs. Facebook War

Not that we needed more proof of the animosity social media juggernauts Facebook and Twitter harbor for each other, but it’s reaching a boiling point […]