Chuck Peruto Will Unfriend You if You Crack Pope Jokes

Plus: Some people on Facebook and Twitter think Pope Benedict is a "Nazi."

Only 34 tweets into his papacy, Pope Benedict XVI has announced his resignation (although it’s worth noting that he did not make the announcement on Twitter), making him the first Pope to resign in some 600 years. Here, a survey of Philadelphia opinions, thoughts and jokes on the matter.

Rocco Palmo, Vatican blogger

Solomon Jones, author

Ryan Petzar,

Annie Heckenberger, Red Tettemer VP

Jane Roh, City Council President Darrell Clarke’s spokesperson

Gina Rubel, Attorney

Chip Chantry, Comedian

Dan Gross, former Daily News gossip columnist

Will Bunch, Daily News writer

Dan McQuade, Philly Post contributor

Amy Quinn, reporter

Carolyn Busa, comedian

And from Philly Facebook, two very different opinions on the Pope Benedict resignation. But something tells me that Chuck Peruto and LGBT blogger-antagonist Josh Kruger were not friends to begin with.