Restaurant School Teacher Blasted Over Sexist Facebook Post

Chef Nicolas Dandelias longs for a time when women knew how to cook.

Chef Nicolas Dandelias in his Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College photo.

Chef Nicolas Dandelias in his Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College photo.

UPDATE: The Restaurant School has announced that it has taken some action regarding chef Dandelias. Click here to read the latest news.

ORIGINAL: Nicolas Dandelias has worked as a chef in the kitchens of Distrito, Barbuzzo, and Four Seasons, and these days he’s a teacher at the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College, where he received his bachelor’s degree. Well, we imagine that his female students at the Restaurant School might want to know what Dandelias has to say about women in the kitchen.

“Remember when women, girlfriends and wives knew how to cook dinner?” Dandelias posted on Facebook on Sunday night. “Now they open can veggies, box potatoes and throw stuff Ina crok pot… Time to restart home-ec classes….”

A screenshot of the chef's Facebook post.

A screenshot of the chef’s Facebook post.

One of his Facebook friends, Megan Davis, was among those quick to criticize Dandelias.

“The reason we ‘open can veggies, box potatoes and throw stuff in a crock pot’ is because the male doesn’t want to help, so we have to make dinner as fast as possible so we don’t have to hear the male complain,” she commented on his Facebook post. “We also have full time jobs and some have kids or they’re in college. Some things are just more important than a ‘home cooked meal’ every single day.”

Dandelias feebly attempted to defend himself, backtracking a little.

“I’m not saying women should stay in the kitchen and cook everyday or that’s all their good for,” he wrote. “But if your idea of a home cooked meal is a 10 second Pinterest video that you copied. And then post it claiming you cook and wifey status… Your wrong.”

Davis responded with some advice, suggesting that Dandelias delete his status lest he dig himself “into a deeper hole.”

That was Sunday. Two days later, Dandelias hasn’t deleted anything, and more people are beginning to take notice.

On Tuesday morning, South Philadelphia resident Lauren Giulii took to Facebook with screenshots of the above status as well as some other troubling Facebook posts from the chef’s account.

There’s this one:

And then there’s this one:

In her post, Giulii also included a photo of Dandelias teaching some young children, including girls, how to cook, and the following message:

Wow this ignorant, arrogant asshole is currently employed at my Alma Mater, the restaurant school at walnut hill college. He’s racist and a misogynist. His main picture is (as shown below) him teaching a group of young girls all of different races. This asshole should not have a job and I hope TRS does the right thing and fires him. Contact the school if this offends you and feel free to share this post also.

Neither the Restaurant School nor Dandelias have returned calls seeking comment.

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