Pennsylvania Is Basically Out of Hennessy

Last Friday, Foobooz heard from the owner of a popular local bar, who explained that it had become nearly impossible for bars in the area […]


OPINION: Pa. Democrats, Quit Blaming Stop-and-Go Stores and Fault Yourselves

Welcome to Prohibition Philadelphia, 2017: the town where Democrats apparently still believe — almost 90 years after American gangster and black-market-liquor entrepreneur Al Capone did […]


10 Awesome Bar Accessories You Need to Pimp Out Your Bar Cart

Okay, so you’ve already done the hard work of assembling an impressively well-stocked bar to wow your houseguests. Good: Step 1 of True Adulthood, complete. Now […]


My Last Call for Drinking in Philly

I tend to begin a lot of stories with, “I was listening to a radio program, and … ” Ideally, you assume this anonymous program […]

Be Well Philly

What 5 Philly Healthy-Eating Pros Eat Before a Night of Drinking

Going out for one too many drinks might be fun in the moment, but the hangover the next day is never a good time. The […]


Local Colleges Still Losing War Against Student Drinking

Pity the poor American institution of higher learning. Student drinking on campuses leads to property damage, arrests, injuries and deaths, hazings, and a tsunami of reports of […]


Hangovers Cause $82 Billion Headache For Workplaces

The costs of a night of drinking are as timeless as alcohol itself. For many, a headache and some dehydration are standard expectations after a night […]

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The Checkup: The Trick to Keep an Open Bottle of Champagne From Going Flat  

• If you make mimosas for brunch tomorrow and manage to have some leftover champagne (because it’s a new year and you’re a new you, duh), […]


I’m Pre-Gaming My 40th High School Reunion

I spent some of this weekend trying to book a table for nine for lunch next Saturday, which turned out to be a lot more […]


PHOTOS: Penn Students Fight for Their Right to Party at Free Fling Protest

Students gathered today on Penn’s College Green to protest the university’s increasingly stringent security measures. The demonstration coincides with this weekend’s “Spring Fling,” a traditional […]


Penn Invites Undercover Cops to Campus to Bust Students

Let’s say you’re a freshman Penn student. You worked hard in high school to get into an Ivy League school, or maybe your parents donated […]


Philadelphians Drink A Lot of Vodka and Barefoot Wines

The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board just released its 2012-13 Retail Year In Review report, which tallies up the wine and spirits sales throughout the state. […]


Bring Your Own Vinyl For the Kids

Deva Watson, a server at Pub & Kitchen has recently been hired to teach art at a charter school in Southwest Philadelphia. Unfortunately her classroom needs some […]


Hey, Drunky! New “Hangover Patch” On The Market

What hangover remedy or preventative regimen do you swear by?  Do you blend 7/8’s of an organic banana with a drop of Amazonian rainwater, ground […]