Daylin Leach


Daylin Leach Drops Congressional Bid, Says He’s Keeping State Senate Seat

Pennsylvania state Sen. Daylin Leach is no stranger to long-winded Facebook posts. The 17th District Democrat took to the social media platform several times in […]


Daylin Leach Responds (Poorly) to Accusations, “Steps Back” From Campaign

The past 72 hours haven’t been so great for Pennsylvania State Sen. Daylin Leach, a Temple grad who has represented parts of Montgomery and Delaware […]


Pa. Senate OKs Bill That Would Allow Teachers to Carry Guns

The Pa. Senate passed a bill on Wednesday that would allow teachers and other school employees to carry guns on school property. After a heated debate, […]


Pa. Auditor General: State Should Legalize Marijuana

Pennsylvania Auditor General Eugene DePasquale says there is a simple change the state could make that would bring in millions of tax dollars: legalizing marijuana. […]


Why Did Daylin Leach’s Trump Tweet Explode Like That?

Daylin Leach has been making jokes on the Internet about as long as I have. Okay, maybe he wasn’t posting image macros in AOL chatrooms […]


Medical Marijuana Could Be Law in Pennsylvania Very Soon

After a long battle, medical marijuana is poised to be made into law in Pennsylvania. The House of Representatives passed the bill earlier this week; […]


GOP Will Try Again to Let NRA Sue Pennsylvania Cities

If at first you don’t succeed… A Republican legislator is trying to revive a bill that would allow third-party organizations like to NRA to sue […]


Why Pot Activists Really, Really Don’t Like Pa.’s Medical Marijuana Bill

The Pennsylvania Senate passed a medical marijuana bill 40-7 this week. The GOP-controlled Senate … in Pennsylvania … gave a thumbs-up to medical marijuana. Such a freak occurrence should […]


Pa. Senate Committee to Vote on Medical Marijuana Today

A Pennsylvania Senate committee is expected to approve a bill legalizing medical marijuana today; the bill then goes to the full Senate, where it is […]


Court Weighs Challenge to NRA-Friendly Gun Law

Judges in Pittsburgh on Wednesday heard a challenge to a new state law that lets third-party groups like the NRA sue cities if their gun […]

G Philly

Governor Wolf Urged to Do More in Response to Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act [Updated]

UPDATE: A representative from Wolf’s office, responded to the original article with this statement: “What happened in Indiana is wrong, and Governor Wolf knows we need […]


Medical Marijuana Back in Play in Pennsylvania?

State Sens. Daylin Leach and Mike Folmer are try, trying again. The bipartisan duo — Leach is a Democrat, Folmer a Republican — have reintroduced […]


The 11 People Leading the Charge for Legal Pot in Philadelphia

The Politicians Two local politicians — er, pot-iticians? — stand at the forefront of the movement. State Senator Daylin Leach (left) has co-sponsored legislation in […]


ThinkFest Video: State Sen. Daylin Leach Makes the Case for Medical Marijuana

City Paper’s Dan Denvir, right, interviewed State Sen. Daylin Leach about the new realities of pot in Pennsylvania. We asked him to make the best […]


Daylin Leach Meets Legal Pot, Likes It

State Sen. Daylin Leach has long been known for his pro-pot position — especially where medical marijuana is concerned. Now he’s a true believer: He […]