Pa. Senate Committee to Vote on Medical Marijuana Today

Full Senate expected to approve. But what then?

A Pennsylvania Senate committee is expected to approve a bill legalizing medical marijuana today; the bill then goes to the full Senate, where it is also expected to pass.

The same thing happened last year — only to founder in the House, and this year’s version of the House is more conservative than last year’s. But the bill’s main backer, Sen. Daylin Leach, tells PennLive the bill is better positioned than last year.

Given how late the Senate’s vote came last year, Leach said he’s more optimistic that the early start will help the bill’s chances this year. Also, the timing means medical marijuana could become part of a compromise on the budget.

“It will be another thing, as we’re trying to get everything done, that’s on the plate now,” he said.

Another advantage for Leach. Then-Gov. Tom Corbett long opposed medical marijuana implementation, but new Gov. Tom Wolf has said he will sign a bill if it reaches his desk.