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The Two Big Reasons the Police Union Wants Larry Krasner to Lose

Philadelphia will elect its next district attorney on Tuesday, and John McNesby seems extremely nervous. McNesby is the president of Lodge 5 of the Fraternal […]

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Did Trump Bring Philly to the Polls — and Help Elect Larry Krasner?

It could have been the competitive Philly district attorney race. Maybe November’s election was still fresh in our heads (call it the Trump effect), or perhaps […]

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WATCH: Philly DA Candidate Larry Krasner Attempts to Rock The Clash’s “Clampdown”

As the Pa. Primary nears (it’s tomorrow, people – check out our guide) you’re probably seeing more and more of the Philadelphia district attorney candidates […]

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Endorsements in the Philly District Attorney Primary

The Pennsylvania primary is just about here. Endorsements can influence elections and reveal a lot about candidates, so we’ve compiled an ongoing list of who supports whom in […]

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Why Is Susan Sarandon Endorsing a Philly DA Candidate?

The race for Philly DA is shaping up to be an interesting one. For one thing, it’s taken a sharp left turn – and there are seven […]

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The Latest Endorsements in the Philly DA Race

As the May 16th primary nears, candidates in the Philadelphia district attorney race are beginning to see an uptick in endorsements. City & State PA […]

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Labor Unions Endorse Jack O’Neill for Philly DA

Eight labor unions have endorsed Jack O’Neill in the race for district attorney of Philadelphia. O’Neill, a 35-year-old Democrat, joined the race last month at the […]

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Rendell Endorses Joe Khan in Philly DA Race

Former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell has endorsed Joe Khan in the race for Philadelphia district attorney. 

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Gold Star Father Khizr Khan Endorses Joe Khan in D.A. Race

You remember Khizr Khan – the Muslim American Gold Star father who was thrown into the national spotlight after his passionate anti-Donald Trump speech during the Democratic […]

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Here’s What’s Behind the Sharp Left Turn in Philly’s District Attorney Race

Early in February, Philadelphia District Attorney Seth Williams called an impromptu news conference. He arrived a few minutes after 10 a.m. in a pinstriped shirt, […]