Cape May


“Perfect Storm” Rescue Ship Sunk Off Cape May Coast

A decommissioned Coast Guard cutter famous for its service in World War II and 1991’s deadly “Perfect Storm” off the coast of Massachusetts was laid […]


Why’s Everyone Freaked Out About Cape May Beach?

If you really squint at the shape of New Jersey, it looks like a malformed hand pointing angrily at the ocean. And the fingertip that’s […]


Old-Fashioned Clambakes at Congress Hall

As much as we are in denial, the last few weeks of summer are approaching quickly. If you’re spending them down the shore, I am […]


The Wine Beneath My Wings

The Garden State Wine Growers Association is switching things up for its annual Cape May Wine Festival this year by holding it at the Naval […]


Lobster, Chocolate and Fish Stories In Cape May

The event programmers at the Mid-Atlantic Center for the Arts & Humanities in Cape May have got it going on. While other non-profit organizations struggle […]


This Weekend: Cape May Craft Beer And Crab Festival

As a Maryland girl, there’s almost nothing I like better than craft beer and blue crabs. I can literally spend all afternoon picking crabs and […]


Cape May Zoo Named 13th Best In the World recently ranked the 25 best zoos in the world, and Cape May County Park and Zoo (CMCPZ) cracked the lineup at lucky number 13. CMCPZ is the nearest one to […]


This Weekend: Barefoot Beer Festival On The Beach

Drink beers on the beach this weekend at the inaugural Barefoot Beer Fest at Diamond Beach. Do you really need details? You’re drinking unlimited beers […]


20 Teens Charged in Cape May Sexting Scandal

Ah, Cape May, that idyllic Jersey Shore town that’s usually associated with bed-and-breakfasts, wine bars, and salmon-colored Bermuda shorts and generally not associated with anything approaching […]


Where To Eat At The Jersey Shore

Each year as the weather warms up and the schools let out, we begin our annual migration down the shore. And in case you’re not from around […]


(Update) Cape May’s Missing Parrot Found, Unharmed

  [Update 1:58 pm] Brutus has been found, walking on a local roadway, unharmed. He did, however, bite two officers who tried to recover him. [Original […]


Guide To the Jersey Shore Guides

It’s Friday, the ocean is calling your name, it’s going to be absolutely beautiful both today and tomorrow. Leave work now. The Internet has spoken, […]


The Best Food and Drink at the Jersey Shore for 2014

Cape May It’s not actually a law, but it seems no one gets out of Cape May without first visiting the Mad Batter. Located in […]


Burgeoning Restaurant Empire at the Shore

There’s a burgeoning restaurant empire down the shore right now called Bread+Butter Restaurant Group. You may know of a few of their restaurants: Stone Harbor’s Quahog’s Seafood Shack, the […]


2014 Cape May Harbor Festival

Celebrate the magic of the sea at Cape May’s Harbor Fest. The all-day event will have all the things you’d expect out of a seafest: food, […]