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I Tried It: The Eyebrow Shaping Treatment That Costs $600

It’s very easy for most women to justify absurd beauty and fashion purchases. We practically have our master’s degrees in it. That stupidly expensive midi dress? “It can […]


Shop Talk: How to Make the Skincare Products You Already Own More Effective

Skincare can get pricey — especially the good stuff — which is why we’re always on the lookout for insider secrets that’ll save us some […]


12 Celebrity Products We’re Embarrassed to Love

There are some people who become famous for their products (or infamous, like Doe Deere of Limecrime, or Chaz Dean of Wen). And then there […]


Shop Talk: 7 Travel Beauty Secrets Flight Attendants Swear By

While we love lusting after supermodel-grade travel beauty essentials, some of those items would eat up an entire paycheck. (Le sigh.) Fortunately, the pros who know […]


5 Best Places to Score Korean Beauty Products in Philly

I made the switch from American drugstore beauty products to South Korean ones in high school, and I can tell you, without exaggeration, that it changed my […]


Shop Talk: 7 Simple Tricks for Removing Stubborn Makeup

Liquid matte lipsticks staining your mouth for days?  I feel your pain. Vaseline is the answer to your prayers, along with these other secrets for removing […]


The 7 Beauty Treatments You Need for Spring

Here’s a fact of life: Nicer weather means showing more skin, which means all of those things you’ve been hiding for the last six months […]


Shop Talk: 18 Gorgeous Ways to Organize Your Vanity

Happy Monday, loves! If you’re like me, this weekend’s sunshine got you spring cleaning a little. Tackle the intimidating bathroom spread with these 18 pretty […]


An (Actually) Honest Review of the Kylie Lip Kit and Gloss

Secret talent alert: I’m a low-key makeup artist, with years of experience glamming women up for weddings, proms and big events, and I’m always in […]


Shop Talk: 12 Makeup Mistakes You’re Definitely Making

If you’re not soaking your beauty blender in warm water before using it to apply foundation, I hate to break it to you, but you’re using it […]


Why I Spend $44 on Hairspray (And Other Crazy Beauty Splurges)

It turns out, here at Philly Mag, we’re suckers for a good beauty product (or twelve). From ultra-luxe moisturizers to concealers that cost their weight in gold, […]

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The Checkup: The Everyday Item You Definitely Need to Clean — Now

• Fact: Your earbuds — you know, the headphones you stick into your ears — are probably disgusting. According to a germ expert, you should be […]


Shop Talk: 16 Best Shops for Inexpensive Home Buys

For those who fall in the sweet spot between Williams Sonoma splurges and IKEA everything, check this out: 16 amazing (and sometimes surprising – um, H&M?) shops for inexpensive home […]


Shop Talk: 15 Must-Buy Spring Shoes Under $150

You know the age-old style adage: If your bags and shoes look expensive, so does the rest of your outfit. But you can get the look of investment-worthy […]


4 Ways to Treat and Soothe Dry Winter Hands

Right before I sat down to hash out this post, I—for the fourth time already today—took off all of my rings and slathered my hands with […]