Shop Talk: How to Prevent Crazy Tan Lines

Read with coffee: five style headlines to know this a.m.

  • Nowadays bathing suits are out of control. Straps are placed everywhere but your shoulders and strategically designed cutouts pretty much guarantee the worst tan lines ever. In order to avoid looking like a zapped zebra, check out these tips on how to fix and prevent awful tan lines. Hint: Bronze all over with self-tanner at night to fill in any pale spots. [Vogue]
  • The fashion world lost an icon, Bill Cunningham, over the weekend. He was a pioneer in street style photography and made his life’s work documenting realtime fashion on the streets of New York. His discerning eye and humble demeanor will surely be missed. Here are 15 reasons he will always be in our hearts. [Bustle]

  • Reddit isn’t just for gamers and conspiracy theorists anymore. Apparently there’s a large beauty community on the site and they have some pretty dope summer beauty tricks you should get a look at. One such tip: Grab a handful of the toilet seat covers offered in public restrooms; they make for excellent oil-blotting sheets. [Glamour]
  • We’re all guilty of spending a little too much on our wardrobes, right? The secret to cutting down clothing expenses doesn’t mean sacrificing your style—just add in a touch of creativity. Here are eight ways to spend less on clothes. [Pure Wow]
  • Wearing a full face of makeup in the summer is the beauty equivalent to wearing a tux to a Phillies game. Keep it simple with these 12 ways to get away with wearing less makeup. [Huffington Post]