7 Things to Know Before You Hit the Shore This Weekend

Everything you need for the best Fourth of July ever!

know before you hit the shore

The Shore awaits! | iStock/BlueLela.

Happy holiday weekend, y’all! In our minds it may still be May, but alas, we find ourselves at the most patriotic holiday of the year. Whether you’re headed to Grandma’s Shore house or a weekend of debauchery with your college pals, there are certain necessities that the Shore calls for. Here’s what to get, where to go, and what to do to ensure that you have the greatest Fourth of July ever!

  • Get a spray tan before you slip into that skimpy bikini. Not only will it look like you’ve been lazing in the sun every weekend since it’s been nice out; you’ll also have a healthy glow about you without exposing your skin to harmful UV rays.
  • Map out your Shore shopping now with this handy dandy guide to the best beach boutiques. Spoiler Alert: There’s more to shopping down the Shore than t-shirt shops and kitschy souvenirs.
  • Get a quick sugaring appointment in (if you can). Forget aggressive traditional waxing by trying out the natural hair-removal alternative. Trust me, if I can stand it, you definitely can.
  • Stay on top of ingrown hairs. Don’t let a bumpy bikini line get you down this weekend. Make sure to wash and apply a reparative serum to the area daily to address skin issues before they come up.
  • Have these all-natural sunburn recipes at the ready for that inevitable patch of lobster-red skin. You can make them in the kitchen, you probably already have all the ingredients, and — best of all — they actually work!

Happy Fourth, everyone! Be safe out there, have fun, and look fab doing it.