Ladies, This Is Why You Need to Stop Washing Your Hair Every Day

Plus, how to make your hair look and feel fab between washes.

Stop Washing Your Hair: It's not gross, we swear. | iStock/Salvador Benítez San José

Stop washing your hair! It’s not gross, we swear. | iStock/Salvador Benítez San José

No one wants to own up to their hair mistakes, which why we all agree completely disregard the ’80s. But as much as the truth hurts, it’s time to finally admit that over-washing your hair is bad. Say it with me now: Over-washing your hair is bad. Shampooing every day does more than vaguely “strip your hair” and “dry the strands” — for starters, it’s draining that beautiful color you paid so much for at the salon. Yup.

Two of Philly’s top hair gurus weigh in on exactly why washing your hair everyday is bad. Plus, for all you clean freaks out there who feel the urge to shampoo morning and night, here are some great tips for making your hair look and feel clean, even if you haven’t shampooed since last week. (You can do this — baby steps.)

If your hair gets oily fast, shampooing every day is only making it worse. Shampoos can be really harsh on the hair and strip away the oils your body naturally produces — that squeaky-clean feeling after you wash is actually major moisture deprivation. Monique Mason of Moko Organic Beauty Studio says, “When you’re constantly washing your hair, your scalp overcompensates for the dryness by producing even more oil.” (Cue sad trombone noise.) The solution? Limit your exposure to moisture-zapping shampoos as much as possible by only washing your hair around twice a week at most.

For color-treated gals, daily washing is probably one of the worst things you can do for your tresses. “Hot water [in showers] opens the hair cuticle, which allows color to rinse out easily,” says Amelia Cooke of AMS Salon. People with bright color (like reds, light browns, and blondes) should only wash with cold water to preserve the vibrancy of their tresses.

If the idea of washing less frequently makes you die a little inside, there are some really easy beginner steps you can take to maintain that clean feeling:

  • Get it out of your face. Many styles like topknots, ponytails, and other up-dos look best on third-day hair. Amelia says it’s because the added texture in third-day hair makes for the perfect amount of hold. There’s a reason why your hair stylist tells you not to wash your hair day-of before a big event.
  • If you’re concerned about smell or oiliness, check out talc-free dry shampoos. Monique swears by this one by Lulu Organic and Amelia is obsessed with this one by L’Oreal. They’re both super effective but light enough to not clog your pores — plus, they smell fantastic.
  • If you have major product build-up, try alternative methods of cleansing. Apple cider vinegar makes for a great rinse that clarifies and balances your hair’s pH. Another option is to check out New Wash’s cleansing cream, a cleansing conditioner that’ll remove product while also giving your hair some TLC in the form of essential oils.

I repeat, you can do this! If you stop washing your hair every day, you’ll have healthier tresses and better hairstyles, plus it cuts way down on getting-ready time in the morning. If that’s not a win-win-win, I don’t know what is. (Psst: For more tips on how to make your hair stay fab between washes, click here.) Trust us, your hair will thank you, and no one will know it’s been four days since your last shampoo.