How to Make Your Blowout Last Longer: Drybar Founder Spills Her Secrets

Alli Webb is head of a blowout empire — take her word for it.

how to make your blowout last longer

Alli Webb at Drybar Center City’s grand opening today. | Photo by Lauren McGrath.

There are few things that can instantly improve your confidence and outlook on life as drastically as a good blowout. No one knows the power of this better than Alli Webb, founder of Drybar, one of the original blowout bar concepts that now boasts 61 locations across the US and Canada, thanks to the Philly location’s grand opening today. “It’s amazing how good you feel when your hair looks good,” says Webb. “It’s not about vanity; it’s about confidence — that’s the armor we give women.” Having just received a fantastic (and super fun!) blowout at Drybar Center City today, I can certainly attest. I mean, after an hour of getting pampered while good music is bumping and Devil Wears Prada is playing onscreen, it’s hard to not walk out feeling like a new woman.

That being said, too often we miss out on some quality, post-blowout hair because we don’t know how to care for it properly. Webb shared her insider secrets on how to make your blowout last longer, so you can have more good hair days in a row after the salon. Who knows? Maybe you could become one of those women who doesn’t even own shampoo and just goes to Drybar twice a month because your blowout lasts that long.

#1. Start with dirty hair. Don’t bother shampooing before your blowout appointment — oftentimes we don’t wash all of the oils anyway. Let the experts do their thing and give your hair the squeaky clean foundation every blowout needs.

#2. Go easy on the products if you’re DIYing your blowout. Don’t add any serums, creams or oils to the root of your wet hair — only apply mid-shaft to the ends, otherwise your hair gets oily faster.

#3. Make sure each section of hair is dry completely dry before moving on to the next. Again, this crucial step only applies if you’re doing your own blowout at home.

#4. Dry shampoo ($23) is your best friend. It will breathe life, freshness and volume into your blowout for as long as you can go without shampooing. Be sure to spray your roots on the underside of your hair, and hold the can at least three inches away from your head as you spray. Give each section a little tousle after you spray, and you’re ready to rock.

#5. Get to know dry conditioner ($23) (not to be confused with dry shampoo). This product contains argan oil that will make your ends silky smooth and take away any dullness that dry shampoo can leave — just make sure to only use on the ends!

#6. At night, sleep on a silk pillowcase ($45). Your hair will glide over the smooth fabric, unlike cotton pillowcases, which rough up the hair cuticle and cause frizzing.

#7. Shower caps are non-negotiable. Not only do they protect your locks from any splashes of water while you freshen up, but this terrycloth-lined one ($16) also absorbs any in-shower humidity.

#8. Fight sweat before it happens. Give your roots a pre-workout spray of dry shampoo to absorb any moisture, and wear your hair back in either a loose pony or (even better) braids. Give a another spritz of dry shampoo afterwards for good measure.

It’s that simple! Be sure to check out Philly’s brand new Drybar location — it’s quite the blowout experience. Afterwards, be sure to follow these eight steps for how to make your blowout last longer, and rock that bouncy new ’do last as long as possible.

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