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Artificial Intelligence

City Life

Should We Trust AI? A Penn Expert Weighs In

As AI has become a part of our everyday lives, so has existential dread about where this whole “intelligent machines” thing will lead us. Rather […]

City Life

I Hosted a Podcast on Artificial Intelligence. Then My AI Doppelgänger Showed Up

Sometime in the winter of 2021, I went to check my long-neglected LinkedIn but couldn’t find my password. Rather than go through the rigamarole of […]

City Life

Philly’s AI Revolution: 16 Fascinating Ways Philadelphia Is Using Artificial Intelligence

Mere human intelligence? That’s for plebeians and Luddites. If it suddenly feels like we’re all augmenting our game with artificial intelligence — that’s because we […]

City Life

How Philly Learned to Love AI: Everything You Need to Know About Our Bot-Powered Future

Artificial intelligence is officially everywhere in Philly (including lots of places you’d never think to look). Here, everything you need to know about the brave […]

City Life

Five Really Smart Philadelphians Talk About What AI Can (and Can’t) Do

We ask five really smart local leaders about the capabilities of AI technology (and, for fun, their favorite work of science fiction). The Marketing Maven […]

City Life

Point/Counterpoint: Educators and Students Weigh in on ChatGPT

University-based instructors make the case for AI’s potential to level the educational playing field. Meanwhile, one Temple journalist argues that generative AI could defeat the […]

City Life

An A.I. Expert Came to Town and Said We’re All Going to Die

After speaking with many top artificial intelligence (AI) experts from all over the world, John Sherman believes humankind could be completely wiped out in two […]

City Life

Delco Funeral Home’s New AI App Just Wrote My Obituary in Mere Minutes

I’m not sure how many obituary writers are left in this world. But they’re now officially irrelevant, thanks to artificial intelligence. That’s what I learned […]