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house for sale new hope renovated ranch

Just Listed: Rustic Contemporary Rancher in New Hope

Close to the Delaware, close to New Hope, and close to perfect: This beautifully renovated mid-1970s rancher is at once totally modern and totally old-school […]

house for sale new hope modern castle exterior front

Just Listed: Modern Medieval Castle Outside New Hope

“A man’s home is his castle,” goes an old saying one doesn’t hear that often anymore. Perhaps that’s because most of us moderns don’t think […]

house for sale new hope norman exterior front

On the Market: Norman Manor Outside New Hope

We start this week off by offering for your approval another of those lovely Norman-inspired estate houses that are quire common all up and down […]

house for sale hatboro retreat street elevation brightmls

On the Market: Cottages in the Woods in Hatboro

Presented for your consideration: this house for sale in Hatboro that is at once modest and grand. Modest because it’s not one of those sprawling […]

house for sale doylestown second empire exterior front

On the Market: Rejuvenated Second Empire House in Doylestown

According to the Doylestown Historical Society, the history of this house for sale in the borough’s historic heart can be traced all the way back […]

house for sale wrightstown hortulus farm main house rear elevation and backyard

Just Listed: Hortulus Farm in Wrightstown

Perhaps you’re one of the many people who have visited Hortulus Farm in Wrightstown, toured its 100-plus acres of rare and beautiful plants and oh-so-photogenic […]


On the Market: Rambling Riverside Manor in New Hope

At first glance, the house you see in the photo above looks like a classic 18th-century Pennsylvania farmhouse that got some modern additions tacked onto it. […]

house for sale solebury historic post office exterior corner view

On the Market: Historic Community Hub in Solebury

We’ve heard no tales of this place being haunted, but we’re sure that the spirit of Wilmot Quimby still suffuses this landmark house for sale […]

house for sale ottsville horse farm main house

On the Market: Colonial Horse Farm in Ottsville

What makes Bucks County Colonial houses different from all the rest? Things like this: Sure, you can find Mercer tiles in houses throughout the region, […]


Inside Look: Lushly Landscaped Provincial Pleasure Palace in Lumberville

Generally speaking, when one writes a description of a Bucks County house for sale that contains the phrase “New Hope pleasure palace,” the phrase “converted barn” […]


5 Cool Country Homes for Rent in Bucks

In Bucks County, you can still get away with saying you “live in the country” if you know where to look. Chances are you won’t […]


A Real Barn-Burner in Ottsville for $4.5M

The converted barn home is a Bucks County staple. Whether used as a party palace or a personal retreat, the barn home offers its owner […]


Better Homes and Gardens in Pipersville for $1.6M

There’s a certain class of homebuyer who wants to live in a showcase of the best interior design. These people often end up buying those designer-showcase […]


A Work of Art in Rosemont, N.J., for $1.395M

The striking house you see in these photos came to be what it is now because of the love of Art. That would be Art as […]


5 Great Homes for About $500K in Bucks County

Doylestown’s relaxed elegance. New Hope’s laid-back, freewheeling spirit. Yardley’s small-town charm. Langhorne’s crossroads convenience. There are as many reasons to choose Bucks County as a […]