On the Market: Norman Manor Outside New Hope

This recently built estate home offers proof that yes, some folks still do build ’em like they used to.

house for sale new hope norman exterior front

Maybe the only thing that gives this Bucks County Norman manor away as new is the openness of its lot. Put a fence around it and it would be right at home in Villanova, but it’s at 1524 Pebbletown Dr., New Hope, Pa. 18938 | Bright MLS images via Addison Wolfe Real Estate

We start this week off by offering for your approval another of those lovely Norman-inspired estate houses that are quire common all up and down the Main Line. Built in the 1920s, these houses, designed by some of the region’s finest architects, offer classical style and detailing with a touch of Jazz Age flair. This house, in …

Upper Makefield Township? Just south of New Hope?

… was built in …

2008? By Richard Zaveta, one of the better builders working in Bucks County right now?

I need to make sure I’ve got my research notes straight next time before I start writing.

house for sale new hope norman foyer


You too will no doubt think you’ve stepped inside one of those lovely 1920s Main Line mansions when you cross the threshold of this New Hope Norman house for sale. Everything about it has the level of attention to detail and the informal-yet-formal design that was a hallmark of those Mediterranean masterpieces of the ’20s.

house for sale new hope norman great room

Great room

house for sale new hope norman dining room

Dining room

Just take a look at the pictures. They should explain what I mean better than I can.

house for sale new hope norman kitchen


family room/den

Family room/den

There are some things, though, that give away this house’s more recent origins. For instance, the kitchen, which is part of a very modern combination that includes an informal dining area and a family room or den, the combo I call the ”everyday living suite.”

primary bedroom

Primary bedroom

For another, this house’s primary bedroom suite is located on the main floor, an option increasingly popular with aging Baby Boomers but also well suited for anyone who likes to raid the fridge for a late-night snack while watching Netflix in the bedroom.

primary bathroom

Primary bathroom

How well did Zaveta channel the 1920s in building this house? Take a look at the light fixtures in most of the rooms. They are all true to the style of that era and house type, save for the one in the primary bedroom. I’m guessing that the original fixture broke, for I can think of no other reason such an elegant space would have a standard Home Depot-issue bedroom ceiling fixture.

But that’s picking at nits. You can shell out pocket change to fix this. It’s not worth fussing over when everything else about this house is flawlessly executed. And it’s very well outfitted: its kitchen has both an oversized pantry and a butler’s pantry with a second dishwasher and a wine fridge. It has a bonus room on the second floor that can serve as a home office, a highly-sought-after amenity these days.

aerial view of lot

Aerial view

And in addition to all this and then some, you get a 4.2-acre lot that has both the Delaware Canal and the Delaware River flowing past your backyard.

view of river from backyard

View of river from backyard

You also get privacy in a convenient location. This house is part of a six-unit subdivision of estate homes called Heron’s Watch on the River. The houses, all of which back onto the river, are located on a private lane with only one access point off River Road. In addition to a view of the Delaware from your backyard, you can view Bownan’s Hill Tower from your front yard. And you’ll pass right through the Bownan’s Hill Wildflower Preserve on your way from here to nearby New Hope.

In a sign of the times, the listing agent notes that this house is “only a 90-minute drive to New York City.” It takes about half that time at most to get to Center City Philadelphia from here. Don’t let some filthy rich New Yorker fleeing the coronavirus snatch this New Hope Norman house for sale from our hands as well; Bucks County is still our backyard. Go buy this one yourself.



BATHS: 4 full, 2 half


SALE PRICE: $2,199,999

OTHER STUFF: This house’s fifth bedroom can be accessed directly from the side entrance next to the three-car garage; it has an en-suite bathroom that makes it an ideal in-law or au pair suite. This house’s sale price was reduced by $149,001 today (Oct. 11th).

1524 Pebbletown Dr., New Hope, Pa. 18938 [Donna Petrecco | Addison Wolfe Real Estate]