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Drink to Your Dental Health

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Want to look smarter? Smile more. Or so says a recent study that draws a correlation between perceived intelligence and happy facial features. The report suggests that people subconsciously make a connection between brains and happiness… So, take care of your teeth…it’s the smart thing to do!

Although the jury may still be out about the best ways to brush your teeth, there are still other ways to encourage dental health: For starters, be choosey about the drinks you choose.

The best — and worst — beverages for your smile

Green tea: We’ve all heard about the health benefits from green tea, but according to findings from the Journal of Periodontology its antioxidant compounds are also great for the gums. (Just be sure to steer clear from adding lemon, sugar, or sweeteners to your cup, which can all erode tooth enamel.)

Tap water: The American Dental Association suggests that its natural fluoride acts as a sort of brushing by rinsing away residue on your teeth and gums. Plus, water encourages saliva and all of its powerful proteins and minerals, which is your mouth’s best defense against tooth decay.

Milk: This one is especially important for women, whose gums are easily affected by changing hormones.  Getting enough calcium in your daily diet should be a priority…for your health and your smile.

Soda: Certain drinks have red flags, but one of the biggest offenders is soda. How bad is it? According to a recent study published in General Dentistry, the acid found in soda — sweetened or not — can cause similar dental problems as that of illicit drugs. If you must have a soft drink, go for a natural root beer, which is lower in sugar and acidity. Even better, drink through a straw to minimize contact with enamel.

Sports and energy drinks: The journal also suggests cutting out the sports and energy drinks — and the sugar and acid that’s bottled up with them.

Alcohol: Be sure to limit how much alcohol you drink. Alcohol causes dehydration and reduces saliva, and that’s bad news for your smile.

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