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Dietz & Watson’s Delishop Is Coming to Best of Philly 2019

Dietz & Watson paraphernalia

If you live in Philly, you’ve probably heard about Dietz & Watson’s pop-up, Delishop. Opening on the corner of 5th and South streets on May 1st, Delishop was home to the world’s largest selection of meat- and cheese-inspired apparel and gear, and for three months it brought Philly a ton of exciting events and special guest appearances. But all good pop-ups come to an end. And while Delishop’s stay on South Street is over, that doesn’t mean that Dietz & Watson’s pop-up game is. In fact, it’s just begun.

Come by the Dietz & Watson pop-up on September 12th at Dillworth Plaza during our Best of Philly celebration and check out select pieces from their meat and cheesy collection. Meat Sweat sweatshirts, Hot Dog tees, Dietz Nuts boxers and Wooder bottles are just a few of the items for sale. And it’s Dietz & Watson, so you know they’re going to be serving up their tasty beef franks and chicken sausages.

Remember, you can always grab Dietz & Watson’s meat- and cheese-inspired apparel and gear all year round at dietz.store. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on their upcoming line of fall apparel.

See everyone on September 12th!

Show the world how much you love meat in this Meat Sweats sweatshirt. Or if you’re a mami and like salami, the cropped Salami Mami hoodie is for you.

Pronounce your love of water like a real Philadelphian with this reusable Wooder bottle. Or you can grab this Hot Dog beanie and show the world that you’re ‘bout that hot dog life.

Dietz Nuts were huge this year. Let everyone know how much you love ‘em by wearing the Dietz Nuts collection. There’s Dietz Nuts t-shirts, a Dietz Nuts trucker hat, Dietz Nuts boxers and a Dietz Nuts sack to carry it all. Dietz Nuts for everyone!

Snag your Best of Philly tickets here and secure some Dietz & Watson swag on their digital Delishop.