Spotted: 10 Killer Instagram Pics of Philadelphia Under #Phillyscape

Think you have better Philly 'grams?
Add the #Phillyscape hashtag and we might feature it.

philadelphia Instagram photos under the #Phillyscape hashtag

Top, left to right: mittul_, itsajanda, hikspix | Bottom, left to right: k10catoe, ikanicphotos, barigolds

Let’s take a few seconds to travel back in time.

If you’ll recall, earlier this year we drew up a list of ten awesome Philadelphia Instagram accounts we thought you should be following…and tacked on to that an announcement regarding Property’s then new Photo of the Week feature, wherein we encouraged you to add the #Phillyscape hashtag to all your cool pics. It made it easier to find PotW photos amid the sea of Philly ‘grams, you know?

Anyway, you guys really followed through and it’s been a blast paging through the #Phillyscape pool each week for our Friday pick. That being said, there are still a whole bunch of images under the hashtag that we’ve never gotten around to spotlighting (for shame, we know), but since showcasing them all would require long deliberation, here are ten. Be sure to let us know at the end of you think we should have swapped one in favor of another!

It’s like the Philly version of Rome’s Aventine Hill keyhole!

A photo posted by Eugene Janda (@itsajanda) on


Someone told Instagrammer @ronzanetich this photo had great composition and we have to agree. Also: R.I.P. City Paper!


It might have been anticlimactic, but the fact that Little Pete’s at 19th and Chancellor is still up and running is sure to have kept many (including John Hodgman) very happy. This picture of its sign makes us happy.

A photo posted by chris fanelli (@kenai61) on


The iconic Iverson quote graffitied in North Philadelphia? Don’t mind if we heart it!

A photo posted by @sholtzzz on


Love’em or hate’em, the Society Hill Towers are here to stay. And sometimes, shots like this make you want them to.

A photo posted by Mittul (@mittul_) on


This Ben Franklin-regaled gem taken at Pier 9 has been one of our favorites for awhile.

A photo posted by Loren (@photolope) on


Someone should convert this photo of the 25th Street Bridge in Gray’s Ferry into a never-ending GIF.

A photo posted by Kristen Catoe (@k10catoe) on


In case you didn’t recognize it, that’s Thomas Paine Plaza across from City Hall. See the giant dominoes near the skateboarder? Proof that even the everyday can look unrecognizable from just the right angle.

A photo posted by Jay Kan (@ikanicphoto) on



This Instagram photo comes at us from the North Broad Regional Rail Station. We’re tempted to pass through just to see if this piece is still there.

A photo posted by @barigolds on


Someone turn out that light! Oh, wait. (Comcast employees are so lucky.)

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