10 Philly Instagrams You Should Definitely Follow

Plus, info on how to be Property's first Photo of the Week.

City Hall, Robert Indiana’s LOVE statue, the PMA steps—all sites you and I (and probably every tourist with an iPhone) are sure to have photographed, filtered, and posted on Instagram at some point during our wanderings in Philadelphia. And while such pictures of Philly are expected, this Instagram roundup pointedly turns away from the go-to snapshot spots.

Instead, we’ve chosen to feature 10 (really, 11) IG accounts whose principal focus are infrequently noticed aspects of the city, be it architecture, interior spaces, abandoned buildings, or other rarely appreciated cityscape scenes. Of course, you can’t just talk about #phillygrams and not mention @StreetsDept, Conrad Benner’s stunning 94,000-follower Instagram gallery (he also has a photo blog) filled with artfully immortalized Philly graffiti, street art, and urbex

However, for the purposes of bringing what may be potentially new images to you, we’ve decided to include lesser known IG users (but you should still follow him if you don’t already!), which brings us to our next point: Property will now feature a “Photo of the Week” each Friday!

Not unlike the IG accounts below, Property’s Photo of the Week will be chosen based on whether it highlights a seldom photographed part of Philadelphia’s landscape or if it provides a unique view of the city. Additionally, these photos will not be restricted to Instagram only: Twitter and Facebook users should also feel free to share their pictures.

That being said, don’t forget our Photo of the Week is for Philly mag’s real estate blog, so our pick will showcase at least one of the earlier mentioned facets of the city, or things like development projects or a look into an obscure neighborhood (we’re looking at you Dickinson Narrows). We’ll search the photos at random, but if you’d like to get our attention quicker, just hashtag it with #phillyscape or tag @phillymag if you’re using Instagram.

So without further ado, 10 Philly instagrams you should definitely follow….


Austin Hodge’s delightful philly home portraits and occasional blight excursions remind us of the beautifully complicated nature of Philadelphia.



Each photo the Inquirer/Daily News photographer shares reveals a mystery this city still retains…even as it stares us in the face.

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Taken together, the neatly composed shots of the pretty and the not so conventionally appealing makes for an unapologetically Philadelphian Instagram feed.

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The skyscrapers, the low rises, the homes, the streets (plus a cameo of Petrovsky Market in the Northeast)…you’ll have left the house without having to.



Updates and inside looks into the real estate development company’s projects for Brewerytown and Fairmount gets us pumped–and we don’t even live there!

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If our eyes could tangibly capture everything they zeroed in on, this clear and crisp collection of the 215’s architecture would be the result.



The name says it all, but the formidable silent stories the images of these forgotten Philadelphia structures tell say it even louder.

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Regardless of however many times you’ve walked them, familiar streets become fresh and interesting from the point of view of this phone lens.



 Street photography and everything that word encompasses is what this Instagram does best.



Rediscovering what it means to live in Philadelphia through the intrinsic beauty of mundane scenes has never been so satisfying thanks to Femi Matti.

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