John Hodgman Loves Little Pete’s

Yeah, THAT John Hodgman. Daily Show correspondent. TV pitchman. Hobo expert.

And now, eternal defender of Little Pete’s because he has taken to Tumblr to vent his misery at the fact that Little Pete’s (his favorite scrapple purveyor) is going to be demolished to make way for yet another hotel.

It’s just one lament in a long, lovely compendium of them, posted just a few minutes ago. I’ve excerpted part of the Little Pete’s section, but the whole thing is really worth reading because Hodgman is a funny fellow and sports a truly impressive mustache which only makes him funnier.

Here’s John Hodgman on Little Pete’s:

So my favorite scrapple counter in the world, LITTLE PETE’S, is almost assuredly dead in greasy dishwater because SOME MEN WITH COMPANIES WANT A HOTEL THERE. Little Pete’s is in Philadelphia, on South 17th Street, right across the street from the old Warwick Hotel, where I exclusively stay when I travel to Philadelphia because it is across the street from Little Pete’s.

Yes, that’s right. There is a hotel across the street from the place where they are going to put the hotel. And unless they plan to tear down the Warwick and put up a Little Pete’s, which would be a good O Henry story, this is just sad and dumb. Not in any special way, just sad and dumb in the way almost all city development is sad and dumb. And also purposeless.

It goes on from there. And I’m totally with him on the sadness and dumbness of it all.

Uber, Roadrunner, the Anchor and Little Pete’s [John Hodgman]