Morning Headlines: Community Space Planned for Triangle Near King of Jeans on Passyunk Ave

Plus: Spruce Street Harbor Park; Coloring With Architecture and More!

Image via Google Street View

Image via Google Street View

More public space is coming to the booming East Passyunk Avenue. Albert Stumm of Passyunk Post has learned that the triangular spit of concrete at the intersection of Passyunk Avenue, Mifflin and 13th Streets will be redeveloped by the Passyunk Avenue Revitalization Corporation into a more usable public space.  Here’s more:

PARC director Sam Sherman told us the organization bought the newsstand and plans to tear it down. They’ll then add seating, better lighting and landscaping to the triangle, which includes the bronze statue of boxer Joey Giardello.

Due to the orientation of Passyunk Avenue, it creates some wonky intersections at major cross streets. While they’re sometimes looked at as obstacles, they also create interesting opportunities. The Singing Fountain at Passyunk Avenue and Tasker and 11th Streets is a prime example. Sherman admits this new space won’t be as robust of an experience as the Singing Fountain, but it will be a “flex space” and a great spot for resting. Stumm reports the work is expected to be completed before the popular car show in July.

Spruce Street Harbor Park Will Be Back:

Summerfest - Penn's Landing

Summerfest rendering courtesy of the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation

An expanded Spruce Street Harbor Park will be be on May 22. Even better, Penn’s Landing will feature its own outdoor roller rink and event space called Summerfest! Not to brag or anything, but we’re going to rock you at limbo this summer. Ticket has all the details!

These Headlines Include a Coloring Book:

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