Morning Headlines: Old City’s Hotel Monaco Has a Pop-Up Bike Shop Today

True, it’s not necessarily an intuitive pairing: a swank, highly designed Kimpton hotel and sweaty, summer bikers who do battle with Philadelphia’s inconsistent bike lane system and angry automobile drivers. But today–and today only–the hotel is offering free six-point checkups to bicycle owners, both local and of the tourist variety. The project is in conjunction with Keswick Cycle, whose employees probably know a wee bit more about derailleurs than your average concierge.

The motivation for the program is twofold: One is to promote wellness and the other is to promote the hotel’s bike loan program. (Hotel Palomar, near Rittenhouse Square, is also offering bike loans to its guests.)

For hours of operation, check out BeWell Philly.

Now, for the less active among us, let’s just read some headlines, shall we?

• Because the building collapse will be forever in the news, here’s something: victims will have to wait nine months to see any compensation for medical care, their lawyer says, now that a judge has ordered a stay of their civil cases until the criminal cases are resolved. That’s the kind of time that’s not likely to fly by.
• Speaking of civil cases, the woman who was trapped in the rubble for 13 hours but survived ended up with organ damage and having both her legs amputated. Now she’s decided to file a lawsuit against the Salvation Army, which is facing increasing blame. She will also have to wait to see her day in court, but her lawyer is getting the ball rolling now anyway, according to CBS/AP.
• Do be careful if you’re in the vicinity of 8501 State Road, the Philadelphia Police Department’s new Regional Tactical Training Facility at the Police Academy. Philly and regional S.W.A.T., bomb squad and K-9 units will now all be together in the $13.5 million facility, learning how to do scary things.
Headline: “With Nowhere Else To Turn, Homeless Mothers And Kids Sleep Outside Philadelphia Housing Office.” Last line of piece: “No response yet from the city.”