Union Thugs, Take Note: Chestnut Hill Quaker Meetinghouse Is Less Than $400K

Quakers aren’t much into cult-like leadership–more like building consensus, even if a single decision takes several years–but a renegade egotist is certainly welcome to buy the old Quaker meetinghouse on Mermaid Lane and take over. The old building is right near the site of the new Quaker meetinghouse that was vandalized by angry union thugs.

In fact, if the building trades really wanted to get back at the Quakers for having hired non-union labor, they could purchase this building and keep the inflatable rats there, where the playground used to be, or maybe hold noisy meetings there to discuss which act of vandalism would be perpetrated next. That could really make a pacifist clench his fists and say, “Darn you!”

This 3,800-square-foot building is currently zoned residential, and is listed as 3BR/3BA. The floors are beautiful–lots of hardwood and red brick–but the ceilings are not what most homeowners are looking for. Still, talk about good bones. The building is a beauty, and has been filled by literal peace and quiet for many years. Those are some very good vibes.

100 E. Mermaid Lane, Philadelphia PA 19118