Here’s How to Pull Off a Non-Alcoholic Wedding Bar

Consider your glassware, garnishes and more. 

An espresso martini with Ritual Zero Proof Rum Alternative makes for a great addition to a non-alcoholic wedding bar. / Photograph by Cory Foote / Styling by Emilie Fosnocht

Dry weddings have become increasingly popular and more mainstream the past few years, likely thanks to the growing sober-curious movement. But forgoing the booze on your Big Day shouldn’t mean you quench your guests’ thirst with only water and soft drinks. (This isn’t a kid’s birthday party, after all.) That’s why we turned to Jung Park of Old City’s Cocktail Culture Co. for tips on serving sophisticated zero-proof cocktails that’ll keep your guests happy and hangover-free.

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Variety is key.
You’re catering to different palettes, so beverage and garnish options go a long way for guests and keep them satisfied.

Prioritize glassware.
Avoid using all highballs or water glasses for zero-proof cocktails. Your guests’ N/A experience will suffer if the drinks don’t seem like “real” drinks.

Consider a DIY bar.
Have two to three fruit or herb purées in squeeze bottles ready to mix into cocktails. Additionally, offer citrus garnishes like lemon, lime, grapefruit and blood orange.

The Drink Menu

non-alcoholic cocktails

The N/A cocktail lineup / Photograph by Cory Foote / Styling by Emilie Fosnocht

Clockwise, from top left:

  • Herbal Mint Rickey with Seedlip Garden 108, lime juice, simple syrup and muddled mint leaves
  • Blood-orange Spicy Margarita with muddled blood orange and jalapeño, Ritual Zero Proof Tequila Alternative, Lyre’s Orange Sec, agave and blood-orange syrups, and lime juice
  • Southside Fizz with Ritual Zero Proof Gin Alternative, lemon juice, simple syrup, club soda and mint leaves
  • Cosmo with Seedlip Grove 42, Lyre’s Orange Sec, lime and cranberry juices, and a dehydrated lime or orange for garnish
  • Espresso Martini with Ritual Zero Proof Rum Alternative, cold espresso, Lyre’s Coffee Original, and vanilla-bean or chocolate-chili simple syrup

Published as “Expert Advice: Can We Pull Off an N/A Bar at Our Wedding?” in the winter/spring 2023 issue of Philadelphia Wedding.