They Love Supermarket Sweep, So This Guy Proposed with a Philly Version of the Game Show

The scavenger hunt-style proposal happened at the Acme on South Street.


Matt DiStefano and Julia Giacoboni are all smiles after his scavenger hunt-style proposal through Acme. All photos courtesy of the couple

As the year winds down, the number of proposals ratchets up. It’s pretty much science. (It’s also why December is Proposal Month here at Philadelphia Wedding.) Today, we’ve got an especially elaborate popping of the question to share involving a couple that loves old-school game shows, and the Acme on South Street.

Left: The card that kicked everything off. Right: It wouldn’t be Supermarket Sweep without the sweatshirt and name tag.

The couple: Julia Giacoboni, 32, and Matt DiStefano, 36, of West Passyunk

How they got together (as told by Julia): We matched on Bumble and had our first date on a very chilly night at the PHS beer garden on South Street, followed by more drinks (in a much warmer setting) at Good Dog. We were together for three years to the day when we got engaged.


The first clue!


Julia with the answer to the first clue.

How the proposal went down (as told by Julia): Remember the show Supermarket Sweep, where people had to guess the answer to clues about groceries and run to find them in the supermarket? [Ed. Note: Two seasons are available on Amazon Prime if you need a refresh.] That was the proposal. We love that show and always watch the reruns.

It was our anniversary, and our plan—as was routine—was to meet at the beer garden at 15th and South and then grab dinner at Good Dog. Low-key, and same as our first date! But Matt sent me on a surprise scavenger hunt instead. I became a contestant on South Philly Sweep, which took place at the Acme on South Street, and I had a slew of games and clues to go about answering throughout the grocery store. All foods and products were funny and related to our relationship. With each answer, I had to text a picture of me with the item for Matt make sure I was correct and go on to the next clue. The final clue was to meet him where we first met for the grand prize … and it ended up being a ring! He was waiting there for me at the beer garden entrance, which was closed because of the rain, with flowers and an umbrella.

Another clue!

south philly sweeps proposal

And Julia with another answer.

The wedding (as told by Julia): We’re totally loving the American Swedish Historical Museum … probably September 2021.

Congrats to the happy couple! If the proposal was this personalized and fun, we’re sure the wedding will be an equally good time.

This story has been edited for clarity and length. For more great only-in-Philly proposal stories, go here.

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